Maver End Result Hair Rig Tyer

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Key Features

  • Easily tie knotless knot hair rigs
  • Easy adjustment of hair length
  • Includes band and bait storage

Maver End Result Hair Rig Tyer

Whether you’re on the bank trying to keep a weather eye on your rod tips or you’re in the comfort of your own home trying to prepare for your next angling session, tying hair rigs isn’t the easiest and it can often leave you feeling frustrated and dissatisfied. Numb fingers, poor eyesight, and small hooks can make it incredibly difficult to get the perfect knotless hair rig every time and we have lost count of the amount of times that we’ve had to scrap the hair rig we are working on to start again. Not only is this a waste of material but it is also a waste of time. After all, when you’re on the bank, the last thing that you want to be worrying about is creating your terminal tackle. Instead you want to be fully focused on the things that really matter – your angling success.

Luckily, Maver is a brand which understands that, even with the nimblest fingers in the world, you might not be one of the lucky few who find knotless hair rig tying a doddle. This is why the brand has designed this End Result Hair Rig Tyer. Once you’ve had a go using the Maver End Result Hair Rig Tyer you won’t look back! It is incredibly easy to use and you’ll soon find yourself tying more hair rigs than you could possibly need for a single session on the bank. First things first you place your hook in the especially designed clamp. This clamp has a small jaw, for holding the hook in place without causing it any damage, and a small screw for tightening the clamp into position, to ensure a secure hold on your hook. You then attach a band or hook stop to the end of your hook length and slot it into the sliding measure. This measure is completely adjustable, to allow you to tie hairless rigs of any number of lengths, offering you ultimate bankside versatility. You can then thread the other end of the hook length through the eye of your hook, allowing you to begin the process of winding it around the shaft of the hook. You’ll notice that you’re able to get this whipping much further up the shaft using this method, as your fingers and thumbs will not get in the way as they would were you to hold the hook. All that is left for you to do after this is to pass the line back through the eye of the hook, effectively knotting the line and securing the hook on to your hair rig. You can then simply unclamp your hook, cut off any excess line and you’re good to go!

With a little bit of practise, you’ll soon be able to tie this rig in seconds – practically with your eyes closed! This makes the Maver End Result Hair Rig Tyer the perfect addition to any angler’s tackle box. Whether you’re tying your rigs on the bank, in preparation for your next take, and you want to keep your eyes off the water for as little time as possible, or you’re at home pre-tying rigs under the artificial kitchen lightening, then this is the ideal tool for you! What’s more, this rig tyer was designed for anglers, by anglers. The Maver team has been manufacturing top end fishing tackle since 1994 and all of the products the brand designs are created with a lifetime of angling experience behind them. The brand is currently the largest manufacturer of competition poles in Europe and it really is a coarse and match fishing specialist. However, this Maver End Result Hair Rig Tyer can be used across the disciplines, whenever you have need for a knotless hair rig.

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