Preston Method Feeder Hair Rig with Bait Band

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Key Features

  • Designed specifically for Method Feeder fishing
  • PR-C1 circle hook
  • Unique hook shape virtually eliminates fish loss
  • Tied to 4inch (10cm) of high quality reliable line
  • Hair rigged bait bands
  • Length: 4inch
  • 8 Hooklengths per packet
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PMFHRBB/18 Hook Size: 18 to 5LB 14oz Nylon, Length: 4inch
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PMFHRBB/14 Hook Size: 14 to 7LB 06oz Nylon, Length: 4inch
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PMFHRBB/12 Hook Size: 12 to 8LB 15oz Nylon, Length: 4inch
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PMFHRBB/16 Hook Size: 16 to 6LB 12oz Nylon, Length: 4inch
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Preston 4 inch Method Feeder Hair Rigs with Bait Bands

Designed specifically for method feeder fishing, these top of the range Bait Bands are sure to deliver you the results you want. Each of these options boasts a PR C1 circle hook, a pattern that has been adopted from a sea fishing style hook, you can be sure of reliability, no matter how feisty your catch may be. Rugged and reliable, these barbless hooks will never let go, and are sure to bring you the satisfaction of safely getting that monster catch. These method feeder hair rigs have been specially designed with what has proved an extremely popular uniquely styled hook shape that virtually eliminates fish loss. With these tough, durable hair rigged bait bands there’s no need to worry about losing that dream fish ever again!

For many anglers trying out the method feeder style, a quite tricky and annoying problem can be found with an unreliable or weak line that gives under pressure from your catch. With the Preston 4 inch Method Feeder Hair Rigs with Bait Bands, each sharp hook is tied to 4 inches (10cm) of high quality reliable line. The four inch length of strong dependable line is sure to give satisfaction, especially for those who know the frustration of weak line giving out on them. With this and the right bait, you’ll be well on your way to success.

Each individual hook is available with either a hair rigged bait band or a Korum Quick Stop, for those anglers who are ready for a challenge a little heavier than usual. This means you still have that bit of variety over what you’re ready to do, and are still very much in control of what you’re going to do when you step onto that bank. These method feeder hair rigs  are by no means going to dictate what you’re going to catch, that you’ll be able to have that bit of control and modification that will make for a great angling experience. Now you can just sit back in your chair and relax, confident that that beautiful catch is on its way, and that your hook and line will be up to the task of handling it.

Specifically designed for method feeder fishing, these hair rigs can be great starting point for those new to this school of angling. Even for those anglers already familiar, this can prove a great step up to your experience.  With 8 hooklengths per packet, you’re practically guaranteed to have some success! Being comfortably sized these hair rigs can fit nicely in any angling luggage or barrow that you’re taking with you to the bank.

With the bait bands you can enjoy yet more tailoring to your own style of feeder fishing. Thanks to the variety of sizes available, anglers are now free to experiment with their use of bait; depending on whether on what size of catch you feel like tackling. Once your bait has been fixed, the barbless hooks can smoothly exit your catch once it’s in the net. Thanks to being barbless, there’s no hassle or worries with getting your hook out of the catch, meaning you can get on and enjoy your angling experience without any bother.

Preston is known for bringing top quality tackle to anglers across the country, and these bait bands prove to be no exception to this stellar brand. Being truly value for money, this option from Preston is certain to satisfy those anglers looking for reliability from their gear for feeder fishing. Featuring tough, dependable line, sharp barbless hooks that won’t let that catch slip away, and plenty more hooklengths if you need them, these method feeders are the ones you want for that dream catch.

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