Preston Polarised Sunglasses

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Key Features

  • Good for general purpose use
  • Reduces eye fatigue
  • Provides true colour perception
  • Minimizes glare, especially off water
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P0200104 Colour: Green Lens
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Eye fatigue can greatly affect your ability to register bite indications, especially when float fishing. Longer sessions in the sun can take their toll and can result in you having a less productive session, thankfully there is a simple remedy, sunglasses.

The concept of sunglasses is a familiar, but the Preston Polarised Sunglasses have several features that can enhance your fishing.

Polarised sunglasses greatly reduce surface glare and allow your eyes to penetrate the surface of the water further, enabling you to identify underwater features such as areas of the lakebed that have been cleaned off by carp. Polarised glasses are also convenient when surface fishing for carp, allowing you to identify surface carp at range or in the margins.

Another benefit to polarised sunglasses is true colour perception. The suns glare can make colours appear less vibrant and it can be hard to make out features on the far bank because of this, however, the Preston glasses minimise the effect of this resulting in an accurate perception of colour as you look out over your chosen venue.

Finished in the instantly recognisable Preston Innovations blue and complete with branding on the side of the sunglasses, the glasses are supplied with a handy and stylish carrycase. The Preston Polarised Sunglasses will improve your ability to identify features, fish and help prevent eye fatigue whilst you’re on the bank, prolonging your session.

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