Winter Clothing Buying Guide for Anglers

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Winter Clothing Buying Guide for Anglers

The weather in the UK will always find a way to dampen anyone’s day and many anglers will agree that winter fishing is hard enough without feeling wet and cold! Nevertheless, the temperature drop does not mean you should spend the harshest season of the year in hibernation! Fishing can be great in the winter especially with the correct selection of clothing, you can prevent the weather from interrupting your enjoyment, keeping you fishing for longer and ultimately give you a better chance of catching that elusive snow carp!

What Do Anglers Wear in the Winter?

Here at Angling Direct, we have a full range of clothing gear for the most hard-core of anglers from the best waterproof fishing jacket to waterproof fishing trousers. The main items you should have in your winter fishing wardrobe are;

  • Thermal clothing sets

  • Hats

  • Gloves

  • Socks

  • Jumpers

  • Jackets

  • Joggers and Trousers

  • Correct eye protection

  • Boots

  • Waders

Knowing what to look for in each of these items is the next step in getting yourself kitted out for winter fishing.


Thermal Clothing Sets

Our angling clothing sets combine jackets, trousers, and bib ‘n’ braces to create one complete outfit. The is nothing that surpasses a decent fishing suit, having a waterproof jacket and a pair of waterproof trousers in a set not only saves you some money but will ensure high-quality performance from top to bottom. Clothing sets can sometimes be a cheaper way of buying your jacket and trousers, which is ideal for the angler on a budget.


Some features to look out for on Clothing Sets and Suits

  • The lining of the collar, zip protector and hand-warmer pockets

  • Two-way open-ended zips

  •  Reinforced knee panels

  •  The adjustable elasticated hem on the sleeves and ankles

  • Made from a Durable Material

  • Waterproof material and seams 


3 Best Selling Thermal Clothing Sets

The following are some of the best selling clothing sets on the Angling Direct online store. Click the product title to find out more about each suit.

Prologic Comfort 2pc Thermo Suit  

Imax ARX-20 Ice Thermo Suit 

Trakker Core 3-Piece Winter Suit


Fishing Joggers and Trousers

A solid pair of angling trousers can really make a difference when the winter weather hits. There are three types of trousers you should consider this time of year:

Casual joggers:  Not only are jogging bottoms incredibly comfortable but they are also very flexible. Mobility on the bank is always important and you don’t want to feel restricted by your clothing; joggers ensure that this is never a problem and they allow you to move freely on the bank. This also makes them popular as a sleepwear option in the colder months. Most of the joggers we stock will also have large pockets, which are perfect for the storage of your phone, bite alarm receiver, and other items.

TOP TIP: Not all joggers have zipped pockets, so if you’re stuck between two quality items this could very well be your deciding factor.

Combat / Cargo style fishing trousers: These trousers are defined by their large quantity of pockets and these are the perfect option for the angler who likes to keep their gear close to hand. Unlike joggers, the pockets on the combat/cargo trousers we stock will almost all offer fastenings – ensuring that your gear is kept perfectly safe, even when you’re leaning over the water when landing a catch.

Waterproof trousers: For the most part, these are designed to be pulled over your existing angling trousers and they’re ideal for storing in your luggage ‘just in case’. When you’re looking for these kinds of trousers you might want to bear your angling footwear in mind and many of our trousers will have zippered ankle cuffs in order to allow you to pull these trousers on without removing your boots.

TOP TIP: Make sure that your waterproof trousers offer breathability so you are not made uncomfortable by your own body heat.


3 Best Selling Fishing Trousers

The following are some of the best selling fishing trousers on the Angling Direct online store. Click the product title to find out more about each pair of trousers.

Trakker Quick-dry Combats 

Vass 175 Trouser 

Aqua F12 Thermal Trousers 



Fishing Bib ‘n’ Brace Set


When trousers simply do not cut the mustard – particularly in the coldest UK conditions, look into a bib ‘n’ brace set. Also known as salopettes, a bib ‘n’ brace is a pair of trousers that come up to your midriff or chest and are fastened with a pair of braces over your shoulders. These are often (although not always) waterproof and will usually be heavily padded.

The biggest benefit of the bib ‘n’ brace is that it comes up over your torso, giving you an additional layer of insulation and protecting you from any draughts which might slip in under the hem of your jacket. This is ideal in the very chilliest months when you’ll be grateful for this extra layer of padding.


Common Features of Bib ‘n’ braces

  • Elasticated waist section

  • Adjustable shoulder straps

  • Pull up / a central zip access

  • Zipped or expanding ankle cuffs,

  • Reinforced knees and the bottom


Top 3 Best Selling Bib n Braces

The following are some of the best selling bib n brace sets on the Angling Direct online store. Click the product title to find out more about each pair of salopettes.

Trakker Elements Bib & Brace 

Vass 175 Bib And Brace 

Snugpak Sleeka DPM Salopettes 



Fishing Waders


If you like to get right into the water, we also stock a whole array of waders, from mid-thigh waders to heavy-duty chest waders, in the footwear section of our site – which is also where you’ll find boots and wellingtons, too. We also have a detailed Waders Buying Guide that you can check out here.


Jackets for Anglers

Fishing jackets and coats are a comprehensive pieces of clothing that tend to cover all weather conditions from drizzly showers to frosty lakes.

When you are looking for a winter fishing jacket there are a few key features to watch out for;

Hydrostatic head rating / waterproof rating: This refers to the amount of water pressure that can be exerted on the clothing before it begins to leak. To be classed as the waterproof, fabric has to exceed a 1,000mm hydrostatic head.

Breathability: With a heavy-duty winter option, you will want to ensure that your jacket is as breathable as possible in order to keep comfortable on the bank.

Neoprene cuffs: Designed to form a skin-tight seal with your wrists, preventing cold air from entering the jacket and eliminating the risk of water run-back inside the sleeves

Coat collar: When fishing in miserable conditions you’ll want to make sure you’re protected from the wind with a high collar that reaches your chin. This is essential for stopping any draughts chilling your delicate neck area.

Length of the jacket:  Choose a jacket with an extended back, as nothing is worse than getting a chilling draught when bending over your set up. Three-quarter jackets are also a great option, as these extend down your thighs too to provide increased insulation.


3 Best Selling Winter Fishing Coats

The following are some of the best selling fishing jackets on the Angling Direct online store. Click the product title to find out more about each coat.

Snugpak FJ6 DPM Jacket 

Prologic LitePro Thermo Jacket 

RidgeMonkey APEarel Dropback K2XP Waterproof Coat Camo 



Fishing Hoodies, Jumpers and Fleeces

Offering a combination of warmth and comfort, the humble hoody is ideal for wearing as a layer under that fishing jacket or as a sleepwear alternative – in case you need to spring to action in the middle of the night. There is a huge range of styles and designs in our store, from all the biggest names, and you’ll find everything from classic grey or black hoodies to fully branded-up designs.

Under our clothing section on the AD Website, you will also find a selection of jumpers, base layers and thermal under layers which have been purpose-designed to preserve your body heat in the very coldest of conditions.


Top 3 Best Selling Fishing Hoodies

The following are some of the best selling hoodies on the Angling Direct online store. Click the product title to find out more about each hoody.

Trakker Aztec Hoody 

Matrix All Weather Hoody 

Korda Kore Zip Pro Hoodie



Fishing Hats

Many anglers have a variety of hats from their favourite fishing brands but other than supporting Team Korda or Fox, etc, a fishing hat is great for keeping that head warm in the winter so your brain can fully focus on the fishing! Woolly beanies, artic hats and bobble hats are great during the winter although that winter sun may still call for a hat with a peak such as a classic baseball cap to keep the sun out of your eyes. We also stock hybrids of the two, which offer the warmth of a woolly hat with the shade of a peaked cap.


Top 3 Best Selling Winter Hats for Fishing

The following are some of the best selling fishing hats on the Angling Direct online store. Click the product title to find out more about each hat.


Winter Gloves for Anglers

Unlike a regular pair of gloves, fishing gloves need to keep up with the demand of your angling tactics from casting, using fishing line and gripping reels and rods. You need your hands nice and toastie but many of the gloves in our range are fingerless or some fingers free so you can tie your line whilst your palms and other fingers stay warm.

Check out all the Gloves we stock on AD online here. 



Fishing Socks

Whether it's socks for your favourite pair of trainers, a reliable pair of fishing boots or some waterproof socks for your waders, we stock a variety of socks in our clothing section that are built for anglers. Whilst keeping your feet mighty warm, wool socks can absorb more moisture than cotton, keeping your feet from feeling as wet whilst ensuring there are super toasty in your shoes!

Thermal socks similarly benefit from heat retention and ensure air can also circulate so your feet are less likely to pong after a long session. For those fancying a dip, waterproof socks are a great purchase so you do not drop your body temperature when entering the water to collect a catch.

View all Fishing Socks here.


Eye Protection for Fishing

Sunglasses are not just for the summer, certainly when it comes to fishing. That winter sun can dazzle you just as much as any other time of year so make sure you pack a pair of tinted glasses suited for the winter lighting.

View all Fishing Sunglasses Here


Fishing Boots / Shoes

Here at Angling Direct, our range of footwear covers everything from trainers to heavy-duty walking boots. All the fishing shoes have been designed with anglers in mind, so all of it is suitable for standing on slippery banks or awkward terrain, and much of it is completely water-resistant (please check product specifications prior to purchase).

With the unpredictable weather, especially during the winter, it is wise to have a backup pair of wading boots or warm fishing boots. For those anglers who know they are going to be getting their feet wet, we also stock a range of waterproof fishing boots, however, these aren’t your bog-standard garden boots.

Our selection of wellington boots is all specially constructed for people who are going to be spending extended periods of time in wet conditions. As such, many of the boots have reinforced soles to give extra protection for those scenarios when it may not be possible to see what you are about to step on under the water. These soles are often studded or otherwise ridged to provide even more grip on slippery surfaces.

Check out all Our Fishing Footwear here.  


More Winter Clothing for Fishing

For all winter warmers, check out this winter clothing in this link. You can also watch the AD QuickBite video below, where we show you some simple steps to ensure you keep warm while winter fishing.


We hope you found this guide useful for preparing for fishing in the winter conditions. Keep warm and keep safe on the banksides.

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