Shimano Beastmaster CX Commercial Rod

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Key Features

  • Rod types: Feeder / Float / Picker
  • Lengths: 10ft / 12ft
  • Actions: Standard or Power
  • Blank material: HPC60 &Biofibre
  • Reel Seat: Shimano DPS-type
  • Guide type: Fuji stainless steel O
  • Grip: Cork &EVA
  • Packaging: Cloth bag
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BMCX10CFL Length: 10ft, Model: Float
5 in stock

RRP: £119.99 Saving 17%

BMCX8CPCR Length: 8ft, Model: Picker
Out of stock
BMCX12CPFDR Length: 12ft, Model: Power Feeder
4 in stock

RRP: £144.99 Saving 10%

BMCX911CFDR Length: 9ft-11ft, Model: Multi Feeder
Out of stock

RRP: £134.99 Saving 9%

BMCX10CFDR Length: 10ft, Model: Feeder
Out of stock

RRP: £124.99 Saving 16%

BMCX12CPFL Length: 12ft, Model: Power Float
4 in stock

RRP: £139.99 Saving 7%

BMCX911CFL Length: 9ft-11ft, Model: Multi Float
Out of stock

RRP: £129.99 Saving 8%


Shimano Beastmaster CX Commercial Rod

When the Beastmaster series was originally released by Shimano it quickly became one of the fastest selling commercial coarse rod ranges of all time. This latest reincarnation, the Beastmaster CX Commercial, has all the features that were best loved about the original series with the added benefits of the latest technological innovations. If you are an angler who routinely targets commercial waters then you’ll be hard pushed to find a better rod range at the same great value as this.

This range incorporates every tool that you could need to successfully fish a commercial water. From a small 8ft picker rod that has been designed with F1s in mind to larger 12ft rods designed for those bigger venues there is a Beastmaster CX Commercial to suit all anglers.

The 8ft picker is the smallest rod in the range and is perfect for narrow venues up and down the country. With tips as light as 0.25oz, the 1oz tip has been purpose built for those anglers who like to use method feeders in the margins.

The range also features a multi-feeder and a multi-float rod. These rods can be between 9ft and 11ft in length and come supplied with multiple tip options. This makes these rods exceptionally versatile and they are the perfect tools for anglers who like to visit different venues up and down the country. For anglers who stay in the same place, the range also features a feeder and a float rod, both 10ft in length. These have been developed to suit all those mid-sized British commercial waters where the tendency to over-gun with an 11ft or even 12ft rod is all too common. For those larger waters Shimano has also added 12ft ‘power’ versions of both the float and the feeder rod. These have a stronger backbone than the other rods in the series to help give them the power to cast out wagglers or methods far out into the water.

All the feeder rods in the range have been designed so you can leave the feeder on the rod in transit without damaging the rod itself. All the rods are fitted with tapered butt section and wide eyes.

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