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Skee-Tex Moocha

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Key Features

  • Super lightweight
  • Protection for shallow water wading
  • Comfortable EVA material
  • Gripped sole
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Skee-Tex Moocha

Skee-tex has been a family run business since 1952 and manufactures and supplies its own brand footwear and clothing; it uses its experience and expertise to its fullest extent to provide anglers with protection from any bad weather conditions they may encounter. Its dedication to producing high quality and great value designs shines clear with this outstanding pair of shoes.

This super lightweight footwear provides a fantastic alternative to trainers, especially during the hotter months. With its antibacterial properties, it prevents the build-up of bacteria when you wear them, this is particularly useful in debris heavy waters and in the summer when your feet get warmer more easily. The holes in the top of the shoe make them more breathable, giving you optimum comfort in the warmer months. Unlike normal trainers, these are water durable and moisture proof so they won’t get damaged when you’re wading. They’ll remain perfectly intact thanks to the comfortable and hard wearing EVA material they are made from, so there’s no chance of any water debris getting into your footwear. Another benefit of this material is that they will dry quickly, so you’ll will no longer have to bring a whole load of spare trainers to use whilst you wait for one pair to dry, you can use the Moochas every time and make them your constant angling companion.

If you’re a dedicated carp angler, these shoes will benefit you greatly. They are quick and easy to slip on as there are no fiddly bits, so if you get a bite whilst you’re sat in your bivvy, you can quickly put them on and reel in that catch without any fuss, time-wasting shoelaces or wet feet. This shoe is also versatile in the way you can wear it thanks to the moulded heel strap; you can put the strap on your heel as a sandal for maximum security and comfort, or it can be folded forward and be warn as a flip flop for quick and easy accessibility. With this feature, you can wear them at the beach as easily as you could on a river bank. They are also superbly flexible, so they’ll fit comfortably around the shape of your feet; this will prevent rubbing that can occur with other footwear, making these shoes the most comfortable and practical pair of footwear on the market. With these shoes, you’ll be able to get to your bite quicker, so you won’t miss out on any catches.

With the Skee Tex Moocha, you’ll be ready for any and all terrains, including aquatic, so there’s nothing stopping you from experiencing the best parts of the world whilst you fish. You will be able to walk into shallow margins to bank a fish without using waders as they have excellent protection specifically for shallow water wading, making your whole angling experience easier as they protect your feet excellently. Not only that, they have a gripped sole which will enable you to walk with ease even on the wettest bank side, so you’ll never find yourself slipping in your trainers again. Now, you’ll be able to fish in even the most difficult areas to access and get the biggest catch you can.

Whilst you’re wading in a fish’s habitat, it’s nice to know you aren’t doing them any harm, and with these environmentally safe shoes you’ll be safe and secure in the knowledge that you aren’t causing any damage. If you happen to lose your Moocha whilst in the water, which will rarely happen due to the perfect fit, they will float in the water, making it easy for you to retrieve them.

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