Trakker Sanctuary XL Retention Sling v2

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Key Features

  • Full fast-drain mesh construction
  • Optimum water flow and very accurate weighing
  • Double-zipped opening securely houses the carp inside
  • Specifically designed to support the carp when weighing
  • Four floats ensure the sling is ultra-buoyant
  • Reinforced dual weighing straps with fixed weighing loops
  • Double reinforced carry handles on each side of the sling for safe lifting
  • Meshed pocket houses a 5-metre retaining cord
  • Carp care guidelines to advise the safety and correct use of the sling
  • Supplied in nylon sleeve
  • Material: Polymesh/PVC
  • Dimensions: L 130cm x W 30cm x D 70cm

Trakker Sanctuary XL Retention Sling v2,

If you’re in the market for top quality fish care then you need look no further. Trakker’s dedicated Sanctuary range contains all the products that you need to ensure that your fish will be returned to the water injury free. After all, as a committed member of the carp fishing community, you’ll only have the utmost respect for your fish and you’ll want to ensure that their time on the bank is as pleasant as possible. All of the products in the Trakker Sanctuary range have been designed with the highest fish care standards in mind to ensure that you’re treating your carp in the best possible manner on the bank, so the low double that you return today has the chance to grow into the personal best that you capture five or ten years down the line.

The Trakker Sanctuary XL Retention Sling v2 is the remodelled version of the original product and it features a handful of top quality modifications to ensure that it falls in line with all modern carp care standards. The first thing you’ll notice about this sling is its huge dimensions. At 130cm long, 30cm wide, and 70cm deep, you can comfortably accommodate the biggest UK carp – as well as a whole host of European giants. When comparing slings, you’ll be able to see that this sling features an improved width. This is due to the reports that Trakker were receiving from its original model, where a handful of anglers noticed injuries to the powerful pectoral fins of particularly feisty fish. In order to ensure that even the most aggressive carp was kept out of harms way, the brand significantly increased the width of the sling – giving the fish the room to move without the risk that it would harm itself in the process.

One of the best features of the sling is its mesh. Not only does it meet all modern carp care standards but it has also been designed to allow optimum water flow. The benefits of this are two-fold. Firstly, it allows any current to flow through the mesh, ensuring that the fish doesn’t get buffeted around against the mesh unnecessarily. Secondly, it also ensures that any water in the mesh drains quickly when you lift your fish onto your weigh station. This ensures that you get an accurate reading on your scales each and every time, so you can be confident in your results. On either side of the sling you’ll find double reinforced carry handles. These ensure that you’re able to lift and transport your carp to and from the water with ease, knowing that your sling can take the strain. What’s more the reinforced dual weighing straps with fixed weighing loops ensure that you’re never at risk of your sling breaking whilst your carp is elevated. The Trakker Sanctuary XL Retention Sling v2 has also been fitted with four floats. These have been designed to ensure that sling is ultra-buoyant in the water, allowing you to leave you carp resting whilst you recast your rods or set up your photography equipment.

Finally, you’ll be pleased to note that the Trakker Sanctuary XL Retention Sling v2 comes supplied with its very own use guidelines. These list the current carp care requirements, to ensure that your fish are always protected in the sling, and are attached to the sling on a rubber badge so you can reference the guidelines on the bank. Please remember to always obey the retention rules of your venue, too. The Trakker Sanctuary XL Retention Sling v2 comes supplied in its own nylon carry sleeve, for ease of transportation, and should be washed with clean water and thoroughly dried between sessions, to prevent the spread of disease.

Carp Care Guidelines: Carp should only be retained for a maximum of 30 minutes. If it is necessary to retain longer, use a carp sack. Retain for a minimal time in warmer months when oxygen is low. Dry your sling completely at home to prevent spread of disease.

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