Trakker Superdome Bivvy Inner Capsule (Single)

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Key Features

  • Transforms the Superdome Bivvy into a twin-skin shelter
  • Reduces condensation and increases heat retention
  • Fully-enclosed inner compartment will fit three bedchairs
  • Stitched-in groundsheet to keep out rodents and other unwanted guests
  • Rear door giving complete through access and ventilation
  • Storage pouch to inner wall offering further storage space
  • Breathable brushed polyester material inner
  • Easy to fit - no need for any extra pegs
  • Zipped carry bag
  • Dimensions: W 360cm x D 340cm x H 185c
  • Weight: 4.9kg

Trakker Superdome Bivvy Inner Capsule (Single), 

The Superdome from Trakker really is a revolutionary bivvy for the long session carper. For many years now, carp fishing bivvy production has been geared towards creating the smallest and most compact bivvy possible – purpose designed for quick overnighters and sessions in small or low-profile swims. Whilst this is all well and good, Trakker realised that it was leaving a huge chunk of the carp fishing community without adequate shelters – often having to squeeze themselves into too-small shelters or relying on out-of-date technology to keep them protected from the elements. This is why the brand took a full 180 and headed in the opposite direct – designing the biggest bivvy that it has produced to date. The Superdome has been purpose designed for the social angler who likes to head to the bank for extended periods of time – bringing not only a load of luggage but also one or two friends to really make the most of the experience. Not only does the bivvy allow an angler up top 6ft to stand completely upright but it also has space for three standard bedchairs (as well as all the tackle that a trio of anglers could require). It has fast become the ‘must-have’ bivvy for the angler who fishes on the continent, as well as the perfect tool for the dedicated carper who enjoys spending long weekends on the UK’s banks with all their gear.

However, the size of the Superdome is only one of the impressive features which have made it a standout product for the dedicated carp angler. The bivvy also has a range of inner capsule options, allowing you to modify and adjust the internal layout of the shelter. This is the single capsule in the range, although there is also a twin capsule available. If you’re a solo angler or if you have two angling companions joining you on the bank then this Inner Capsule (Single) is the perfect choice for you. Transforming the bivvy into a twin skin shelter, the Single Inner Capsule can help to increase the bivvy’s heat retention properties – making it ideal for angling in the colder months. This also helps to prevent the bivvy from suffering from condensation in the colder weather, too, so you don’t have to worry that you’ll be woken by a cold drip of water falling from the ceiling of the bivvy.

The Trakker Superdome Bivvy Inner Capsule (Single) simply clips into the roof of your bivvy using the traditional toggle system, as is used in most modern commercial camping tents. This eliminates the need for more pegs and it means that, once erected, you can leave the capsule in position for future use. The capsule features a fully stitched in groundsheet. Due to the large amount of bait anglers bring and leave on the bankside, rodents and other wildlife are part and parcel of the angling experience. This groundsheet prevents them from entering the main sleeping area of your bivvy, ensuring that you can sleep easy. The inner wall of the capsule features a useful storage pouch, perfect for the storage of your mobile phone, wallet, or bite alarm receiver.

As you would expect, all the doors and vents line up with the external vents on the outer skin of the bivvy, retaining its through access and ventilation properties. If you’re the proud owner of a high quality Superdome bivvy then you can’t go wrong by adding in this Inner Capsule (Single). Also available to purchase is an Extended Wrap – which is ideal for use in the coldest months as well as for all those scenarios when you want external storage space as well as internal. 

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