Wychwood Flow Fly Reel

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Key Features

  • Full aluminium fly reel
  • Unique in-house registered design
  • Perfectly balanced symmetrical design
  • Super smooth operation
  • Semi-sealed Rulon drag
  • Extremely lightweight #7/8: 166g
  • Economic spool options
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C0181 Size: 7/8#

Wychwood Flow Fly Reel

The Wychwood Flow is a full die-cast aluminium fly reel that will make many fly fishing fanatic’s dreams. A break from the traditional cassette system, this fly reel has a unique design which ensures it performs exceptionally well in all conditions. Also, unlike other non-cassette fly systems, the replacement spools for this reel are exceptionally well-priced. The low price of replacement spools has always been the selling point of cassette system fly reels, but since this reel is able to offer reasonably priced spares it does beg the question: what makes the cassette design any more superior than a non-cassette design? In fact, at only 166g the Wychwood Flow is considerably lighter than any other like-for-like fly reel on the market, as well as being significantly lighter than all currently available cassette reels. In real terms, this means you’ll be able to fish with this Wychwood Flow for longer without tiring – enabling you to land more catches.

The Wychwood Flow has an outstanding brake system, thanks to its semi-sealed Rulon drag. The sealing on the casing helps keep the system working perfectly for longer, as it significantly reduces the risk of the reel taking on dirt, grit, and grime that could slow up the delicate internal mechanisms. This ensures that it has super smooth operation and the reel performs like a dream.

This 7/8 sized reel is a versatile fly reel that is perfect for a number of fly fishing applications. Well balanced, this reel will sit fantastically on top quality Wychwood fly rod and will form the perfect addition to your fly fishing arsenal.

If you are a fly angler who is looking for the new reel that will take your fly fishing to the next level then you need look no further. This Wychwood Flow has been designed by the Wychwood Game team to be high performance and high quality, and it exceeds expectations on the bank time and time again.

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