Advanta 3 Rod Quiver

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Key Features

  • Manufactured from highly durable materials
  • Designed to carry 3 made up rods
  • Will take a landing net, bank sticks and shelter
  • Large main compartment
  • Two external pockets
  • Carry handles and padded shoulder strap
  • Perfect for the roving angler

Advanta 3 Rod Quiver, 

Advanta is a brand which understands that you want to be able to move easily to and from the bank, as well as between swims when you’re fishing in a mobile manner. However, it also understands that you want your tackle to be as protected as possible from all the usual knocks and scrapes which come part and parcel with life on the bankside. This is why the brand has designed this, the Advanta Three Rod Quiver. This is the ultimate mobile rod transportation tool for the committed specimen angler, as well as being ideal for the roving carp angler.

The Advanta Three Rod Quiver has been, as the name suggests, designed to carry three made up carp rods. It features three tip and but protective pouches, into which you can slot your made up rods. These ensure that the most delicate sections of your rod are completely protected, so whether you’re fishing with two rods and want a spare or you’re going all out with a three-rod setup then you’ll be able to transport the gear you need with the confidence that you won’t arrive on the bank to find damaged tackle. However, this is only the beginning when it comes to the impressive storage potential of the Advanta Three Rod Quiver. It also boasts one large main compartment. This has been purpose designed to house a small shelter, so should it be a little less than clement on the bank then you can bring your brolly system along with you without hassle. This shelter storage pocket also means that this quiver is a perfect option for the angler who is looking to head down to the bank for a quick overnighter and who doesn’t want to bring a whole load of tackle with them. This main compartment is also ideal for the storage of your landing net and handle, as well as any other long and awkward to transport tackle items. In addition to the rod storage and the main compartment, the Advanta Three Rod Quiver also comes fitted with two, smaller, external pockets. These are perfect for the storage of your banksticks, storm poles, and other such tackle items.  

With such a wealth of storage options, this Advanta Three Rod Quiver really is the ideal luggage option for the roving angler who doesn’t want to sacrifice tackle quality for bankside mobility. It features a padded shoulder strap, which has been designed for your convenience and comfort, allowing you to transport your tackle around the bank in a hands-free manner. Additionally, it also comes fitted with two carry handles. These have been designed to allow for the ease of on-bank and in-boot manoeuvrability, ensuring that you can position this quiver with precision when loading your car at the beginning and end of your session. The Advanta Three Rod Quiver has been manufactured from highly durable materials, as you would expect from a top end Advanta product. This means that it offers tough protection to your rods and other tackle items, ensuring that it doesn’t suffer from the usual wear and tear which other less-robust luggage items fall victim to. It is finished in a fantastic carpy olive green colour, so it will perfectly complement any of the items in your existing carp luggage collection.

If you’re looking for a lightweight and high quality transportation solution for your rods and other tackle items then you need look no further. This Three Rod Quiver is not only the perfect luggage option for you but it also forms an excellent addition to the growing Advanta carp luggage range. 

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