Advanta Deluxe Bivvy Mat

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Key Features

  • Heavy duty durable material
  • Waterproof &ampwashable neoprene padded centre
  • Rubber mesh non-slip backing
  • Ideal to store wet muddy footwear
  • Pegging points in each corner
  • Tough webbing trim around the mat
  • This mat doubles up as a large rod splash mat
  • Please note: additional pegs required to secure to ground
  • Dimensions: 90cm L x 60cm W

Advanta Deluxe Bivvy Mat, 

When you’re fishing the in damp, the ground around your bivvy can become churned up like a quagmire and the increased footfall in and out of your shelter can mean that you’re tracking huge amounts of outside mud into your shelter. Not only does this create uncomfortable living conditions inside the bivvy but it also makes cleaning out the inside of your bivvy a real mission when the time comes to pack away your shelter. This is where a top quality bivvy mat really comes into play and the Advanta Deluxe Bivvy Mat really ticks all the boxes.

This is a large bivvy mat which is ideal for positioning in the entrance of your bivvy. It has been manufactured from a heavy duty material and it features as waterproof neoprene padded centre. Not only does it make this mat easy to wash and clean but it also gives the mat a soft touch under your feet. You’ll find a rubber mesh backing on the reverse of the mat, giving it a non-slip quality to ensure that you’re never the victim of a nasty in-bivvy accident as a result of one wrong footstep. This bivvy mat is perfect for placing between the legs of your bedchair, providing you with a dry, clean, and soft surface onto which you can place your feet before you boot up for the day. This is especially ideal if you’re fishing in the warmer months without a groundsheet, as it means that you can keep your feet clean before you start your day on the bank. You can also position this mat in the entrance of your bivvy when you’re fishing with a groundsheet. This gives you a place to store your wet or muddy boots when you enter the bivvy, allowing you to keep the majority of your groundsheet dry and mud free – ensuring that your pack down time at the end of your carp fishing session is swift and easy.

However, this Advanta Deluxe Bivvy Mat isn’t only ideal for use in your bivvy. It is also perfect for use as a splash mat. Using the four pegging points, you can secure this mat underneath your rods and reels. Preventing any splash back of dirt or grime onto your rods and reels is one of the key ways that you can help preserve the life of your vital tackle. When grit or grime gets into the inner workings of your reel, the coarse particles cause abrasive friction within the reel mechanisms. This wears down the internal components, reducing your reel lifespan and maximising the performance of your tackle. Please note, pegs do not comes supplied with this mat and are instead available to purchase separately.

The mat boasts a tough construction and it features a reinforced webbing trim. This prevents the wear and tear of the mat over time and it ensures that you won’t find yourself faced with fraying edges after repeated use. Similarly, the pegging eyelets of the mat have been reinforced with metal. This mat has been designed to look great in any carp bivvy or under any carp rods and the centre of the mat is all black with a olive green trim. This mat forms an excellent addition to the growing range of Advanta carp fishing tackle and it will be an equally vital addition to your existing overnight bivvy setup. 

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