Advanta Discovery CSX Landing Net 42inch

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Key Features

  • Premium 42inch net
  • Matt black 3k carbon weave handle
  • Innovative dual arm net floats
  • Featuring Japanese shrink wrapped grips
  • Laser etched butt cap
  • Compact stainless steel spreader block
  • Deep green hex mesh
  • Net clip

Advanta Discovery CSX Landing Net 42"

The Advanta Discovery CSX Landing Net 42 Inch forms part of the fantastic Advanta Discovery series; a range that is dedicated to delivering value coupled with high performance. Strict attention is paid to the design, finish, and functionality of all the products in the range and this new landing net is no exception. The handle on the Advanta Discovery CSX Landing Net 42 Inch has been manufactured from Advanta’s own 3k carbon weave, which comes in a stunning matt black to ensure that it perfectly complements the range of CSX carp rods. This ensures that the net is exceptional stuff and offers impressive weight bearing capacity, making it perfect for lifting huge double figure carp out of the water and onto the land. What’s more, it also boats Japanese shrink wrap grips in the key gripping points, ensuring that you can get a solid hold on the net for maximum manoeuvrability – even when you’re hands wet or loosing feeling in the cold. The handle is compact, too, and comes supplied in two sections. This allows you to use the net at its fullest extension (ideal for when you’re fishing with a zig rig, over weeds, or in high waters) or at half length (for close range catches) – giving you the versatility you require to perform on the bank.

The 42 inch carbon arms ensure that this net is suitably large enough to hold a variety of the UK’s largest species, so you can target a whole range of the biggest UK carp with the confidence that you’ll be able to land them with ease when they fall to your tactics. However, this isn’t the only impressive feature of these carbon arms, as they have also been fitted with dual net floats. These floats support the weight of the net in the water, making it easier to manoeuvre to your fish as well as helping to hold the net when you’re retaining the fish whilst it’s recovering. This is useful whether you’ve donned waders and strode out into the water to land your catch or you’re staying safely on dry land. The net is also fitted with a small net hook that allows you to attach the base of the net to the handle. This keeps the net up and out of any snags, preventing the risk of tears or tangles in the most crucial stages of landing your catch – so you don’t have to worry about investing in a replacement mesh every time you head to your favourite snaggy swim.

The net itself is manufactured from soft hex-mesh. This meets all modern standards of carp care and it has been designed in order to prevent any damage coming to the fish. After all, it is your responsibility as an angler to return your capture to the water in the same condition that you removed it and this is the only way that the low doubles can grow into the further personal best fish. The mesh also comes in a classic carpy green colour. Not only does this look good but it also helps to disguise the appearance of the net in the water, allowing you to take a stealthy approach in the last vital few moments before landing your fish. The spreader block has been injection moulded to ensure that no fish is too big for the Advanta Discovery CSX Landing Net 42 Inch!

The Advanta Discovery CSX Landing Net 42 Inch comes with its own dedicated woven carry bag for rapid drying and ease of transportation. This net has been specifically developed to cover a multitude of carp fishing applications from crafty low doubles, to colossal target fish and is exclusive to Angling Direct. You can see it in action on the ADTV YouTube Channel.

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