Century FBS (Fat Boy Slim) Rod

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Key Features

  • Ultra low diameter rod
  • Glorious sweeping parabolic curve
  • Not for extreme range, but is for perfect response and control
  • Woven fabric carbon finish below the handle
  • 1k-1k above the handle
  • Autoclave Technology and AT-T (Anti Twist Technology)
  • Century 3K-3K carbon reel seat
  • Capped with carbon collars and stainless steel trims
  • JSR butt grip, capped with a lasered stainless steel trim band
  • Durable PTFE/Silicone finish for a cool matt effect
  • Century SiC guides starting with a size 40 and a size 12 tip
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Model Item name
FBS 12275 Length: 12ft, Breaking Strain: 2.75lb
FBN2350R Length: 12ft, Breaking Strain: 3.5lb

Century FBS Rod

If you think the Century Fat Boy Slim rod is designed in homage to Norman Cook then you’d be sorely mistaken. What it is, however, is a high performance, ultra low diameter rod that offers a beautiful parabolic curve. In other words, the Century FBS is a rod that offers an outstanding power to diameter ratio; it’s a slim carp rod that behaves like a much fatter one!

In order to achieve this fantastic power to diameter ratio Century has had to employ fantastically complex technology. This includes the likes of autoclave, which is Century’s curing system that eliminates test curve decay. Unlike most rods, you wont’ see the test curve on the FBS diminish over time and even after ten years of solid use you’ll still be able to punch out the same leads to the same fantastic distances that you always did. The finish below the rod handle features the same carbon technology that is implemented on the Toyota F1 cars. Above the handle you can find 1K carbon weave that is not only super strong but also ultra lightweight. Moving up to the first tip ring you’ll find a sealed UD carbon finish, too. These three carbon constructions not only maintains the low weight and slim diameter of the rod but they also preserve the rods power reserves for the moment you need them.

The furnishings on the Century FBS are just as high end as the technology at play in the blank. The reel seat is manufactured from 3K carbon fibre. As you might expect, this is exceptionally strong and it ensures that your reel is held in precision position throughout your cast and retrieve. The butt grip is manufactured form top end Japanese shrink wrap and the guides are Century’s own SiC – in a 40mm to 12mm configuration.

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