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Thursday Focus- Korum Snapper Cult Deadbait Rod

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Thursday Focus- Korum Snapper Cult Deadbait Rod

Snap Up Superior Deadbait Performance

When you're casting out deadbaits, you need a rod that will not only stand up to the weight of your bait, but also to the power that enthusiastic predators will put behind a take. Developed with predator fishing firmly in mind, the Korum Snapper rod range is crafted for the discipline, providing a purpose-driven tackle choice that offers far more than a basic carp rod with “Predator” written over it. If you're a dedicated predator angler looking for dedicated deadbait rods, then the Korum Snapper will exceed your expectations on all fronts.


Packing huge reserves of power, the Snapper combines the light, bouncing feel of a full cork handle with the resilience of a carbon inlay, giving you power without fatigue, and a rod that's designed for a full day of active predator angling, with a craftsmanship that will last for many seasons to come.

Key Features:

. 12ft deadbait rod

. 3.25lb test curve

. Stylish matte black blank

. Full cork handle with carbon inlay

.Targeted predator performance 


Dead On Target

Giving you a 12ft rod that's designed and crafted for the demands of effective deadbait casting, the cork handle of Korum's Snapper Cult Deadbait Rod contrasts well with the sleek, matte black blank, creating a rod that's almost certainly set to become a contemporary Cult classic across the predator scene.

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