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Advanta Saturday - Advanta Bait Range 5 litre Particle Buckets

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Advanta Saturday - Advanta Bait Range 5 litre Particle Buckets

Take ADVANTA‘GE’ this Friday! We take a closer look at the Advanta Bait Range - 5ltr Bucket

Bait is one of the most important elements of any angler’s armoury. Advanta Bait Range 5 Litre Buckets offer four options of particles and mixes that have a proven track record for catching a host of different species across coarse, match, and carp fishing.

Advanta Bait Range 5 Litre Buckets are perfectly prepared and ready to use instantly. This means you can be assured that there will be no issues around fish safety and unprepared particles. They consist of premium-grade hempseed and particles that have been cooked to retain their natural oils and sugars, giving them maximum pulling power and effectiveness. No preservatives or artificial flavourings are used during the cooking and packaging processes, which means your bait is as natural as possible. The whole range is PVA-friendly as well, making it perfect for use with either perforated or solid PVA bags and when added to stick mixes.


Advanta Bait Range 5 litre buckets come in four irresistible varieties: Natural Hemp, Hemp and Maize, Chilli Hemp, and Particle Spod mix. Each of them has a multitude of uses, either on their own or in conjunction with other baits.

Natural Hemp is a perfect addition to groundbait or stick mixes because it has rich juices which pump out lots of attraction and add a deadly extra dimension to soaked boilies and pellets.


Hemp and Maize is an enticing combination of scent and colour for tench, bream, and carp. It’s a great mix when you are using sweetcorn as a hookbait and in early spring conditions.

Everyone knows how much fish love spice, almost as much as we like a curry! Chilli Hemp is ideal for summer use in warm water and it’s great when used with other baits because its spicy richness stains and seeps into them.

Last but by no means least is the Particle Spod Mix. This is a mix of particles with a variety of shapes and sizes which is ideal for long range spodding to create an irresistible blanket of feed. This is a devastating mix with something to attract any fish and get them feeding.


Advanta Bait Range 5 Litre Buckets offer incredible value for money. They have a PVA-friendly nature, come in four winning combinations, and are completely free of preservatives, making them something every angler should have in readiness for their next session.

Key Features - Completely natural product - no added preservatives - Perfectly prepared and ready for use - Premium quality hempseed and particles - Ideal for loose feeding, adding to groundbait, laying carpet feed

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