Everything You Need to Know About Korda Goo

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Everything You Need to Know About Korda Goo

Perfect for fishing on short sessions or on a venue with lots of pressure, Korda Goo has been an additive favourite since its inception. 

In this fishing bait guide, we will cover the reasons why anglers love Korda Goo, what Korda bait goo is and how you can use it to improve your fishing!

What is Korda Goo?

Made from top-secret ingredients, Korda Goo is a baiting liquid, bait soak, bait glug and baiting additive rolled into one package. It was designed by Loutjie Louwies in South Africa and the recipe was shared with Carp Team England manager, Ian Huntington who with the help of Korda and under the Kiana Carp banner distributes the Goo for fishing.

Korda fishing goo is used for adding to your favourite fishing baits to boost attraction or directly into the water of your chosen swim to bring the fish (mostly carp) to you! It comes in 115ml bottles with a squeezy lid top for easy bait application.



What Is the Best Korda Goo Flavour?

There are over 30 different carp fishing goo flavours to get excited about. Some are ideal for targeting certain species, some are made for cooler waters and seasons of angling such as the sweeter, fruity bait scents. The spicy and meaty goos are perfect for summer to autumn wish when the water is warmer and the fish are craving these flavours.

In this guide to Korda Goos, we will cover the top 5 flavours and why you may want to try them on your next fishing session!


Almond Supreme Goo - Great for a nutty, sweet combo or added to your zig rig, on a skinned tiger nut and on a PVA stick of bait!

Squid Supreme - A slightly thinner, fishy-scented bait goo that can mix perfectly with bait mixes! Any hook bait can be used which will take on the Squid pink colour and flavour.

Power Smoke Garlic - Great for adding to hookbaits in warmer waters. In fish culture, garlic has always been used as an appetite stimulant, popular with Koi keepers as well as carp anglers.

Pineapple Power Smoke Goo - Perfect for coating the outside of your bait for more attraction.

Dragon’s Breath Supreme Goo - turns any hookbait into a fiery ball of attraction with its blast of hot, spicy goodness.


What Korda Goo is best in winter?

Since we can only fish a few days a week now, it's even more crucial your hookbait stands out and is quick to react. There are a few goos that really shine in the winter, and with so many flavours available, it can be difficult to choose... Here are our top 3 picks:



Isotonic Supreme - Great for adding to artificial baits such as Korda’s range of ‘Fake Foods’ this flavour is known for its potent scent, especially in the winter and early Spring.


Buttercorn Supreme - Creating a mild haze around your chosen hookbait, this very smooth, rounded smell yet a really strong and penetrating one that can turn a white hookbait to a washed-out-looking bait, oozing with attraction.


Almond Supreme - One of the most popular Goos in the range, this sweet, nutty flavour is always a good performer in cold waters for carp.


How Do I Use Korda Goo?


  • As a hook bait glaze; boilies, wafters, dumbbells, pop-ups -  especially when dried on and reapplied.
  • Applied directly to PVA sticks or PVA bags.
  • Use it on zigs - Dry it onto Zig Foam
  • Directly into the water column- creating a cloud of attraction
  • Add it to ground baits or to your particle mixture like hemp
  • Watered down and added to bait mixes & spod mixes
  • Coat your floating pellets or mixers by adding it in a bucket
  • Glaze freebies with it
  • Glug and a spod mix additive


You can also check out how the AD team use Korda Goo in our Youtube video!



What Baits Should I Use With Korda Goo?

Great to pair with your loose feed and particle mixes, Korda Goo will help draw in the attraction you need to even the hardest of swims. This bait goo is also great to use to soak your hookbaits in, especially if you want to boost colour attraction along with scent and flavour! Bait treated with goo from Korda will soon get the carp in your swim.

What Colour Bait Goo Should I Use?

Brightly coloured baits can be a great way to gain attraction from the natural coloured baits many fish grow bored on at venues in the cooler months. Using Korda Goo’s such as Sherbet (yellow), Dragon’s Breath (orange), Salami (red), Jungle Juice (green) and more!


Supreme or Smoke? Which Korda Goo is Better?

Unlike smoke, Korda's 'Supreme' Goo clings better to hookbaits - it works best when mixed with pellets, in or on a PVA bag or feeder. While 'Smoke' Goo is considerably thinner than 'Supreme,' Korda 'Smoke' Goo is better for greeting clouds in swims and soaking your groundbait and particles in.



Why Anglers Love Korda Goo



Phil Spinks on Korda Goo:

“I've used Korda goo a fair bit. I use it more in the early Spring when fishing single hook baits or using very little bait. When the carp are just starting to wake up a small yellow CCMoore northern special pop-up soaked in pineapple supreme goo is my choice of bait.

The carp aren't fishing as much in the cooler months, so a bright pop-up soaked in Korda goo really grabs their attention. 

My best analogy would be comparing it to offering someone a sweet, they might not be hungry but a bright highly flavoured sweet is too good to refuse! 

The pineapple supreme is my go-to flavour.”


Ali Hamidi on why he loves Korda Goo:

“Since the Goo came out, it has become an integral part of my approach, wherever I fish, and whatever I fish for. Even predator fish as far afield as the Florida Keys or Thailand. It really is that good!”


Don’t just listen to us, see what our customers have to say:



If you’re looking to up your carp fishing game, Korda Goo is a must-have in your tackle box. With a variety of flavours and consistencies, there is a Korda Goo for every carp angler. Try it today and see the results for yourself!


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