Thursday Focus - On Coarse With Korum

With a commitment to making fishing tackle easy, Korum is a brand that's quietly produced ranges for all angling disciplines, including the full wealth of potential of coarse fishing.

If you're thinking of investing in some new coarse fishing luggage, as you build up your angling arsenal ready for the opening of the river coarse fishing season on June 16th, then Korum has some great luggage, that's perfect for specimen hunters and committed coarse anglers, giving you a subtly stylish range of angling accessories that will look great on urban rivers, or beside an idyllic rural lake, and which is durable enough to withstand all your active coarse fishing sessions.

Korum Maxi Rig Manager - Fully Loaded

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For many coarse anglers, constructing the perfect rig is almost as satisfying as landing a new personal best. If you like your rigs, and you enjoy crafting them yourself, perhaps on days when the weather puts paid to your angling ambitions, or down on the bank, as a way to pass the time while you wait for the action to heat up, then the Korum Maxi Rig Manager gives you everything you need to keep your rigs organised, as well as basic angling tools, including a small and large disgorger, a pair of scissors, a bait drill, and a gold needle; this is in addition to the standard tackle box compartments, hook box, and pinned rig board, that you'd expect from a comprehensive piece of rig storage.

Part of the Korum ITM range of tackle luggage, this rig storage box provides tool storage inside the lid, giving you a fully functional rig box that's ready to head to the bank.

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 Anglers like this rig box, although it could do with being a little wider.  Nonetheless, it offers the perfect fit for the Korum ITM Day Sack, and gives you everything you need to make the most of your coarse specimen hunting sessions.


Korum ITM Day Sack

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 Perfect for the specialist angler who likes to spend their sessions on the move, exploring secluded swims, and any angler who prefers a shorter session, the ITM Day Sack boasts a fully padded harness system, with an ultra-strong, waterproof base that can cope with any bankside, in any weather.

Compatible with the full ITM luggage range, the day sack features D rings that allow you to easily attach a net or unhooking mat, completing this high-performance, full-function design that's perfect for an afternoon at the water's edge, with all your essential tackle ready to hand.

What Do People Think?

 A durable pack that's great for a few hours down the bank, and allows you to go off exploring if the mood takes you, or a glint of promising water that's off the beaten track.


Why Korum?

At Angling Direct, we're passionate about getting involved with initiatives across the angling world, which makes Korum, a brand that's actively involved with the “I Love Fishing” campaign, the perfect fit for us, and a brand that anglers of all disciplines should be proud to represent.

With a coarse range that covers everything from beads to barbel nets, Korum has clearly positioned itself as the go-to brand for coarse anglers of any persuasion; whatever you like to catch, Korum has the tackle to bring it to the bank.


Korum Quick Change Beads

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 Giving you a quick change on your hooklength, and acting as a shock bead when you're fishing with a running feeder, the Korum Quick Change Beads are simple to use, with proven, performance-tested reliability in all conditions.

Perfect for river and stillwater fishing, these beads are precision made in a variety of sizes, giving you a perfect fit, with a range of patterns that allow you to personalise your fishing.

Supplied in a pack of five, these beads are ready to fish.

What Do People Think?

Anglers reckon these beads are the best thing since sliced bread, giving you an easy to use option that's perfect on any venue.


Korum Latex Barbel Spoon Net

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 Giving you 27” of fish-friendly latex mesh, mounted on an extra-strong spreader block, with an anodised aluminium frame giving extra durability and performance, the deep mesh of this spoon design net gives soft, reviving support to fish that need to be retrieved quickly and safely from the water after a tiring fight.

Suitable for use on lakes and rivers, this spoon design cradles fish safely and correctly, ensuring that they can be returned in the best of health, ready to swim off and give another angler a better challenge.

What Do People Think?

An excellent net that's ideal for all your specimen coarse fishing.

In Summary

 If you're looking for a range of subtly stylish tackle that's versatile enough to go anywhere, then Korum has everything you need to ramp up your angling.

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