Thursday Focus- Nash Cling On Tungsten Tubing

Designed for a wide range of rig applications, Nash Cling On Tungsten Tubing is a terminal tackle essential for carp anglers, and handy to have in your tackle box for anglers of any discipline.

Available in a choice of gravel brown or weed green, this tubing camouflages well on the lake bed, giving you subtle, effective presentation, and a greater chance of catching your quarry. This tubing is exceptionally supple, pinning down your mainline, increasing rig efficiency, in any conditions. Easy to thread, Nash Cling On Tungsten Tubing can be used with braid and heavy mono lines, as well as snag and shock leaders, making it an excellent all round choice for any style of angling.

Nash Cling On Tungsten Tubing has a 0.75mm internal diameter, and weighs in at 7.5g per metre.

Carp Rig Classics

Carp rigs run the full range of complexity, from simple presentations that can be tied in seconds, to intricate arrangements that could easily be focal points in their own right. Whatever your preference when it comes to rig presentation, a decent rig tube, such as Nash Cling On Tungsten Tubing, gives you a better chance of getting your rig where it needs to be without alerting the fish you're trying to catch.

End tackle may be small in profile, but it can make all the difference in the water.


Key Features:

. Easy-thread 0.75mm internal diameter

. 7.5g per metre

. Green or brown to blend with any lake

. Effective with heavy mono and braid lines

. Can be used with snag and shock leaders

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