Shimano Stradic GTM RC Reel - Tackle Tuesday

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Shimano Stradic GTM RC Reel - Tackle Tuesday

Shimano understood what an incredibly difficult task it was undertaking when it embarked on its mission to upgrade the much loved original Stradic GTM reel. After all, it is difficult to improve on something so close to perfection. With this Stradic GTM RC reel, Shimano has achieved true perfection and this is a reel which is ideal for match fishing – whether you’re feeder or float fishing to catch that winning fish.

Retaining the striking pearl white body cosmetics that had made the original so distinctive, Shimano has offered significant improvements on the GTM to create the GTM RC reel. An XT-7 body and rotor ensures that this reel is not only lightweight but that it is also robustly reliable. This ensures that this reel can withstand the routine use that the most ardent match anglers’ demand. The Zinc Diecast gearing utilises Shimano’s very own Hypergear technology. This means that more power is able to be transferred from the handle of the reel through to the gearing system, so minimum output form you yields maximum rewards. The Cone Type bail is another of the outstanding new features that the Stradic GMT RC has to offer.





As well as these brand new features, the Stradic GMT RC also features a number of Shimano patented special features. When assembled in combination, as they are in this reel, Shimano terms these features its ‘S System’. This is because they make the reel smooth, silent, and strong.

The cold forged aluminium spool is designed with a V-shape spool lip. This allows for further and more accurate casting, as it ensures that the line comes off the reel in smaller loops. Shimano refers to this design as AR-C and it also minimises the risk of backlash. This isn’t the only feature that creates superb line lay, however. Aero Wrap II improves the internal friction efficiency and with two-speed oscillation you are ensures smooth distance casting every time. This allows you to cast impressive distances with ease, meaning that you always target the features that you require in order to get the most from your peg. Shimano’s Power Roller works to reduce line twist – particularly during the retrieve. This allows the Stradic GTM RC to work exceptionally well with both mono and braid, too, ensuring that this is the ultimate all-round match fishing reel.

Dyna-Balance reduces reel wobble and gives an incredibly smooth performance, and the Super Stopper II ensures that you won’t find free-play on the handle when the reel is set into anti-reverse mode. Practically, this also benefits micro-increment settings of quiver tips and bite indicators, as well as allowing for faster hook setting. Floating Shaft II overcomes the risk of wear in the areas of the reel that are exposed to the most friction – in particular where the spool drive meets the pinion. The addition of bearings in this area gives a ‘floating’ effect, improving the efficiency and lifespan of the reel. Not only this, but Shimano has also included a secondary drag system, which you can find at the rear of the reel.

These incredible features can be found on each of the reel sizes, from the smallest 2500 (which is perfect for a full range of light work) right up to the largest 4000S (which is ideal for heavier duty efforts). Each Shimano Stradic GTM RC reel comes with an XT-7 spare spool as standard, allowing you to take multiple line options down to the bank and ensuring you’re prepared for whichever peg you draw. If you’re looking for a top quality reel to see you through a range of feeder and floater fishing uses then you can’t go wrong with this Shimano Stradic GTM RC.

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