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Tackle Tuesday... Aqua Carp Care

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Tackle Tuesday... Aqua Carp Care

Reviewed by Carpology Magazine… Carpology-Logo-Blog

HIGH-END CARP PROTECTION! Aqua’s mats and slings have been protecting and weighing carp for decades. From their legendary Combi Mat to the clever Compact Weigh Sling, the northern-based company has always been at the forefront of carp care development. Here’s our “favourite four” from their extensive collection…



Aqua Compact Weigh Sling Super mobile anglers need super clever compact products. Aqua’s epic weigh sling has been given their Atom/Roving concept treatment and the result is a packdown-size of just 550(L) x 100(W)mm and an in-use measurement of 1100(L) x 600(W)mm! Constructed from performance-grade Aquatexx material, which has proven to be stronger, quicker drying and more fish-friendly, it features splitting support bars which fold in two for easy transportation. Supplied in its very own Aquatexx Stink Sleeve.

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Aqua Camo Combi Mat Key to Aqua’s camo beauty is its ability to do everything. The tried and tested design allows you to use it as a stalking satchel, for unhooking, weighing and safely returning your catch. It’s big too: 1200(L) x 700mm(W) and thanks to its 50mm depth, it can be classed as “seriously padded”. Plus, the reliable and quick-drying Aquatexx outer with baffled zips will serve both you and your catches for years. Also available in Olive.

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Aqua Free Flow Carp Sack The most technologically-advanced (not to mention fancy-looking) sack to come out of the Aqua camp. Made from the softest black mesh,‘free flow’ material available and features robust size 8 zips with baffles and an anti-escape clip. Plus: coupled with the long cord and large buoyant ‘H’ block marker, it’s incredibly safe.

Sack Advice Always sack a fish for the shortest amount of time possible. 2. Never sack fish in shallow water in hot conditions. 3. Always sack in a reasonable depth of water – 4ft. 4. Check to see that the fish is upright. 5. Ensure the extension cord is attached securely. 6. When removing the sack from the water, ensure that the carp’s fins are flat against its body.

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Aqua XL Buoyant Weigh Sling What do you get when you combine Aqua’s award-winning Carp Sling with two big buoyant support bars and a clever zip feature which means no fiddly buckles? The XL Buoyant Weigh Sling, of course! The super fish-friendly Aquatexx takes care of carp to 60lb and the strong in-built support bars offer a greater level of comfort for the fish during the weighing procedure and means the fish can be returned to the water directly from the sling, resulting in less handling.

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