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Tackle Tuesday... Daiwa Tournament S (Series Black) Reel

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Tackle Tuesday... Daiwa Tournament S (Series Black) Reel

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Decades Of Durability… The new Daiwa Tournament S (Series Black) reel is dark and understated but is it the same workhorse as the original 5000ST, released 20 years ago?

The Tournament S (Series Black) is a new release for 2015, although it is instantly recognisable to many as a black version of its 1995 release. The original 5000ST is a well-established reel within carp fishing circles, famed for it’s workhorse, reliable attributes, making it an almost bulletproof reel. It has been used by some of the best big-carp anglers in the country for years, and despite the huge advances in technology in the last 20 years, it’s still the first choice and desired by those buying new reels today.

Daiwa Tournament S Series Black 3

To satisfy demand, Daiwa has now released the exact same robust reel in a cool black finish, topped with it’s iconic wooden handle. Nothing has been changed, apart from the finish, meaning there is no cause for question or be concerned about its durability. The big-pit spool is still capable of holding the same 330 metres of 14b mono, it still comes with a free bite’n’run convertor should you use it, and the handle still folds for those who utilise it on their setup - it just looks a lot stealthier finished in black.

The large-capacity spool enables you to hit great distances when casting and the micro-adjustable clutch allows excellent control over any charging fish. A spring-loaded line guard prevents line snarling up under the spool, much like it did on its original release 20 years ago, and it still features Super Dura Aluminium gears and a Super Metal rotor.

There may be newer, lighter and smoother reels on the market with the advances in technology over the last two decades, but there’s a reason this is still a firm favourite.

Daiwa Tournament S Series Black 2

The Tournament S (Series Black) simply looks better, in our opinion, than the original gunmetal and gold colourwise. It fits with the current trends in carp fishing, looking dark and stealthy, and you know that you’re still getting an incredibly durable, hard-working tool that will stand the test of time.

The Verdict The same robust workhorse in a black, understated finish.

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