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Tackle Tuesday - Nash Scopex Squid

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Tackle Tuesday - Nash Scopex Squid

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Now it’s back, we’re not quite sure why the legendary Scopex Squid ever went away in the first place!

WELL, ACTUALLY WE do know a little more than that. It seems that with new baits to roll and finite space in the factory, Scopex Squid disappeared from the Nashbait range a little while back. It’s testament to the loyal following that the bait built up, that Nash continued to supply it, under-the-radar, to some of the very top anglers. Fast-forward to today, and increased capacity at the factory has meant that Nash can now bring the Scopex Squid back to the masses!

For those of you not familiar with the bait, somewhere around the middle 2000s, the elite big carp scene was split into two camps: those using Scopex Squid, and those who wished they were, such was its dominance. Jim Shelley and Darrell Peck spearheaded a team of anglers using the bait, to whose rods fell the last of a generation of carp the likes of which we’ll never see again. The Black Mirror, Heather and Two-Tone (no less than six times) all succumbed to the bait.

So now you can join those ranks, and buy a few kilos for yourself. Our advice? Do it, and never look back. No more will you have to question your bait choice! And the best bit? Many of the forty or even fifty-pounders on today’s scene won’t even have seen the bait!

Key Features - The legendary Scopex Squid - Pressured carp never stop getting caught on Scopex Squid - It is quite simply one of the most remarkable baits ever - Available in multiple sizes

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