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Tackle Tuesday... RidgeMonkey Bivvy-Lite Duo IR

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Tackle Tuesday... RidgeMonkey Bivvy-Lite Duo IR

After having extensively used the original Bivvy Lite Duo, I was keen to receive the IR version. Let me just say I am only recently converted to bivvy lights, and just how handy they are.

Basically building on the best-selling bivvy light, Ridgemonkey has now added a handy remote function. Still boasting the dual white and red colour options with twin brightness settings, you can effortlessly switch between the colour variations and brightness options at the click of a button. This may seem a little overkill, but when utilising these lights for night camera shots or even when playing round rig tying under your shelter, you no longer have to find the small switch and hopefully adjusting the light without pulling it off the supplied magnetic plate, something that does happen when you as clumsy and heavy-handed as I am.

The Lite itself is a sturdy sealed construction with a compact and lightweight design. The built-in lithium battery can easily be charged via the supplied micro USB charger, which works off all of todays power packs.

Depending on the colour and level of brightness, the battery level varies from six to seven hours on bright red to a much longer and efficient 110 to 120 hours on dim white.

Key Features The remote version is a standalone upgraded unit Remote fob will not work with the standard Bivvy Lite Duo The battery life remains similar to that of the standard Bright Red: 6-7 hours Bright White: 9-10 hours Dim Red: 70-75 hours Dim White: 110-120 hours

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