Tackle Tuesday... Daiwa Longbow & Emblem Spod & Marker Set Up

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Tackle Tuesday... Daiwa Longbow & Emblem Spod & Marker Set Up

Reviewed by Total Carp Fishing Magazine…

In days gone by, most specialist marker rods had soft tips, which apparently gave you a better feel by the knocks, taps and glides fed back through your line. However, what actually happened was that a soft tip cushioned a lot of the feel, so they did in fact defeat the object.

Then a few years back, somebody finally twigged and made marker rods with tips of the correct stiffness. Bingo, even more recently someone twigged that this made them a bit more like spod rods and, hey presto, out came some combination rods such as this one.

I say such as, but the Daiwa Longbow DF is really the best example of this that I have seen and is genuinely able to cope with spotting at long ranges and plumbing and feeling out your swim. This might sound like stretching the imagination, but trust me it works for both tasks.

Couple one of these rods with Daiwa’s Emblem Spod Reel, with its casting potential, huge cranking power and rugged build, and you have what could be described at the perfect combination for both tasks. You may, of course, choose to use them for just one task or other, or even better, get two of each and be covered for all eventualities. You could do a heck of a lot worse, I’ll tell you.

Daiwa Longbow DF Spod & Marker Rod - Length: 12FT - Test Curve: 4.25LBS - Max Casting Distance: 150+ YDS - Weight: 13.4 OZS - High grade blanks - Silk matt low glare finish - Medium profile, high diameter butt configuration - Fuji DPS reel seat - Profiled, NS shrink tube handle - Metal butt cap and trim rings - Custom built finish throughout

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Daiwa Emblem Spod Reel - Twin line clips - ABS Aluminum Spool (high diameter) - CastLock Mechanism prevents accidental bail closure - Twist Buster - Super Auto Cast II system for easy line pick up - 4 Ball Bearings including 1 "CRBB" - Folding Handle - Worm Shaft Oscillation Mechanism

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