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Thursday Focus- Daiwa Black Widow Reel

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Thursday Focus- Daiwa Black Widow Reel

Work With The Black Widow

Daiwa's Black Widow is a reel that allows you embrace the shadowy allure of carp angling's deepest, darkest possibilities .

Crafted with a graphite body and rotor, and aluminium spool, the Black Widow offers dark dreams of balanced perfection. Twistbuster sets your line down exactly where and how you need it, while an 85cm crank and infinite anti-reverse allow you to lead the dance through the water, providing subtle waves of power that give you the confidence to fish without limits, and pull all the strokes that distance angling and long range casting demand.

Designed for big pit distance casting, this simple, stylish reel is geared down for precision performance on any venue, and engineered to bring each and every session to a beautiful conclusion.

Key Features:

- Geared down performance - Twistbuster - Graphite body, aluminium spool- lightweight strength, balanced performance

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