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Thursday Focus- Dynamite Baits Hit n Run Pop-Ups

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Thursday Focus- Dynamite Baits Hit n Run Pop-Ups

As the winter approaches, you need to start stocking up for carping in the cold. Your winter hookbait needs to present that washed out pink, white and yellow colouring to ensure a deadly rig. With the asstiance of top carper, Rob Hughes, Dynamite Baits has created a must have pop-up to your baiting collection.

The Dynamite Baits Hit n Run Pop-Ups, are an exciting range of hi-attract, carp fishing pop-ups boasting a wafter presentation with unique flavours and essential oils that bring those shy carps from the depths of the waters to the surface, even in the cooling temperature to come.

Utilising the years of experience Rob Hughes has as well as his knowledge in underwater studies, Dynamite have tested each and every colour from the colour wheel to narrow it down to the best tints of pop-ups according to the lake bed where you are fishing.

Each variation of colour comes with a tip of where to use the bait. The pot of the bait is labelled with the ideal conditions for its colour which is designed to suit various lake and river bed conditions from clay and silt to gravel and weed.

The Hit n Run hookbaits that we stock, here at Angling Direct, come in three colours that are bound to bring that pop-up success. Choose from Bright White, Yellow or Pastel Pink. These colours where selected by Hughes himself and all colours offer optimum appear and visibility in its specific situations.

The white pop up really stands out in crystal clear shallow water, but also works effectively in deeper waters and silt too. The yellow is great in deep water too and is a general all-rounder, perfect for those clearer waters near the gravel. Lastly, the pink is one of the most visible colours from the Dynamite Bait collection as it can be seen at all depths, making is a great choice for clear water and heavily weeded areas where carp love to hide.

No matter your colour selection, each hookbait of the Hit n Run series has its own highly attractive, unique Dynamite Bait flavour which contains essential oils to help with carp nutrition! If the oils are not enough when you go to open your pot, you do get a essential oil booster bottle inside your pot for boosting that chance of quick bites every time.

Sporting a super buoyant performance, the pop-ups are available in two sizes of pop-ups for each of the Pink, Yellow and White hookbaits. Select 12mm pop-ups or 15mm for when targeting the slightly bigger carps in the UK waters.

Buy the Dynamite Baits Hit n Run Pop-Ups here

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