Thursday Focus - Wychwood Boatman Game Bag

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Thursday Focus - Wychwood Boatman Game Bag

Fly fishing is as much about aesthetics as it is angling, and, in most peoples’ minds, probably prompts images of expensive ‘country casuals’, canvas and leather satchels, and sleek spaniels waiting patiently at the water’s edge.

The good news is that Angling Direct offer fly fishing tackle, clothing, and essentials at prices that will appeal to everyone, so, whether you’ve been fly fishing for years, or you’re finally giving in to temptation and sending a ripple of lines out over a river or lake, in pursuit of anything from salmon and trout to perch and pike, there’ll be something to suit your personal style, and set you up for fly fishing success.

Wychwood Boatman Game Bag


A game bag is a core piece of fly fishing luggage, and can also be a handy option for roving anglers of any discipline. As fly fishing is a very streamlined form of angling, game bags designed for this discipline tend to give you a convenient, easy to access space for everything, and the Wychwood Boatman Game Bag is no different.

Featuring a modular design, the Boatman sees a system of different pockets dividng up the bag into sections that will help you organise you reels, and provide a simple way to store all your accessories. Smaller accessories can be stored in the convenient boat-shelf design compartment, keeping everything you’ll need close at hand.

A reinforced waterproof base, and rainproof nylon coating, ensure that the weather won’t breach this bag’s defences, while a neoprene covering supports and cushions your lower back, giving all day comfort when you’re on the move.

A removable fly patch provides handy storage for the intricate essentials of the fly angler’s art, keeping them safe in transit, and easy to move just where you need it once you’re ready to tie on, and cast out. Unhookable rubber mesh provides practical pockets that give you clear sight of your tools and tackle boxes, whilst ensuring you don’t tear the pockets on a mistimed cast, or a sharp edge.

The Boatman Game Bag takes carryall convenience to the next level, with dual rod tube holders crafted into the bag, giving you a genuinely hands-free carrying experience that’s perfect for the active demands of the fly fishing discipline. A unique tippet discard pocket has been specifically designed by the innovative brains behind the Wychwood brand, giving you easy access to this fly fishing essential, and ensuring nothing is left on or in the water that wasn’t there when you arrived.


Those of you who may not be just game anglers but enjoy a mobile ultra organised approach to their angling, the Boatman bag is perfect for this approach whether you are wandering the river for chub or stalking carp on an old estate lake.

Comfort and Convenience on the Fly

If you’re tempted to try your hand at fly fishing, and want to look smart, whilst ensuring everything you need is conveniently stored in the most organised piece of luggage you’ll ever own, why not buy your Wychwood Boatman Game Bag today, in store or online?

Key Features - Modular design for reels & accessories storage - Fully removable giant foam fly patch - Full rain shower protector - Unique tippet discard pocket - Neoprene lower-back comfort panel - Full EVA handle - Dual Rod tube holders - Unhookable rubber-mesh pockets - Soft Velcro external fly patches - Non-slip shoulder pad - External & Internal tackle pockets - Full 1680D nylon construction

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