Top 5 Tips for Weekender Fishing Trips

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Top 5 Tips for Weekender Fishing Trips

Time is always at a premium and there are many anglers whose only window of opportunity to get on the bank is at the weekends. These ‘weekender’ sessions are often tricky because the banks are generally busier and you can find yourself competing against other anglers as well as the fish!

If you are heading to the bank this bank holiday weekend, there are some tips to consider that may give you an edge. Here are a few tips to help you catch fish on those busier weekend sessions.


1). Identify Areas With Less Pressure

When on your weekend stay at the bankside, have a look at the areas of the lake that have the most angling pressure. If you can find an area with little or no pressure then inevitably this is where the fish will be turning up.

Remember, just because the favourite pegs at your venue might be taken or busy, that does not necessarily mean that the fish will be found just there. Plenty of modern fisheries confer that pressure plays a huge part in where fish might be so seek those quieter spots.


2). Change Up Your Fishing Tactics

A number of anglers have had great success fishing differently from the majority of others on the lake. If the fish are used to one style of approach, such as being fished for in the margins, then it could pay to change your tactics. Fish soon wise up to the same approach, especially on busy waters.

Consider fishing two rods out in the middle of the water, with a ‘banker rod’ in the margins. Try experimenting with this set-up and you may be surprised how breaking the norm can result in more fish in the net. 


3). Be Active and Mobile

Time is of the essence, even with extra hours at the bank on an overnight stay. Fishing on the weekend provides more competition so make sure you are active and working for your time on the bank – it will certainly equate to more bites.

For anglers that are not getting any bites, it is recommended to not just sit there and wait, but to try a different tactic like using a zig, changing your hookbait colour, or moving swims.

As long as you’re not thrashing the water to a foam or causing a huge disturbance for other anglers, try moving to different swims or changing baits as “Nothing ventured is nothing gained”.


4). Be Open-Minded

We love to be organised when we hit that bankside, with an idea of how you want to fish and a plan in mind, but you should never approach a venue with a fixed plan until you’ve looked around.

You may have had previous success in a certain area with one method but, if you don’t use your eyes (and other senses) on the day, you’re likely to find that the fish might be in a totally different place or that they require a radically different presentation. There’s no use fishing hard on the bottom if the fish are all cruising on top. Reach for your floaters!

You have also got to be prepared for a change in weather that will affect the fish's behaviour so be sure to pack to more than just 1, singular plan of action when fishing.


5). Enjoy Yourself On The Weekends With Angling

We all do it. Whenever we go to the bank, we tend to put pressure on ourselves to catch plenty of fish but do not make this the entire focus of a weekender session. Take the opportunity to test out different tactics, baits, swims and so on so you can learn and grow as an angler but most of all enjoy the time you spend near nature, by the side of the water, even if your net is not as popular are you would like.

Remember, fishing is all about enjoyment, after all, it is a hobby. Spend time enjoying the outdoors! Enjoy our timeless pursuit among like-minded people! Our free time is so precious, especially with the pressures of family, work, and modern life so make sure you get out there and enjoy your fishing.

We truly believe that time spent fishing is never wasted!

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