Wednesday Review... Daiwa Ninja Reel

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Wednesday Review... Daiwa Ninja Reel

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Not too many products blow you away these days but the Ninja range of reels from Daiwa really does set the standard for quality and performance.

We don’t want to harp on about price in our review section but when the RRP is so staggeringly low and the quality is this high it’s hard not to bring it up. At £49.99 you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Ninja is a base-level reel - meaning it’s heavy, with a saggy clutch, clunky parts and a cheap feel and look, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. It is blessed with excellent cosmetics, its looks like a reel of at least double the price tag with its streamline-enhanced rotor shape, which also helps save on weight, making the Ninja a pleasure to work with, especially when feeder fishing.

We got out there and tested the 4000-sized Ninja, casting towards and island on a carp-dominated commercial. It didn’t take us long to get stuck into some hard-fighting carp and the smooth clutch and winding power were two obvious plus points as a string of fish came to the net.

Daiwa-Ninja-3 The reels graphite body combined with Air Rotor aids the reel’s performance under the load of a carp or when casting out heavy feeders and this is supplemented by the winding smoothness of the reel due to its Infinite Anti-Reverse and four ball bearings. A spare spool completes the package and, to be honest, we’re struggling to come with any negatives; in fast, because the Ninja is so inexpensive you could buy a few to kit out more than one setup.

It also comes in 2000, 2500, 3000 and 5000 sizes, meaning they’ll be a Ninja out there for every application you’ll need - from light waggle work to chucking big feeders 80 yards. The larger sizes would work well for barbel on rivers and specimen tench and bream, while the small sizes, like the 2000 and 2050, suit float fishing for silvers but they’d also handle the odd bonus fish that came along.

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