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Wednesday Review... Daiwa Whisker DF Carp Rods

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Wednesday Review... Daiwa Whisker DF Carp Rods

Daiwa Whisker DF Carp Rod Review

Advanced Carp magazine editor Tim Hodges casts an experienced eye over the Daiwa Whisker DF, a British-made rod oozing quality at a very sensible price.

I actually own three old 2.25lb Daiwa Whisker rods, which I use very frequently when I’m on smaller waters, and they are a delight to use.

Through the combination of Danny Fairbrass and his team at Korda the designers at Daiwa, the DF range of rods has gone from strength or strength. So, when the new Whisker DF turned up in the office I couldn’t wait to have a look at it, to see exactly what Danny and the Daiwa team had done to improve it.

Daiwa Whisker DF Carp Rod 1

As with most of the DF range, its finish is very professional with subtle graphics, which seems to be the trend at the moment, and this gives it a very classy look. It is fitted with six rings, including the tip ring, and, as is the fashion, it has a 50mm butt ring.

My first impression is that this has not been designed as an out-and-out distance rod because it has a nice soft action to the tip section. This not only makes playing fish a thoroughly enjoyable experience but it also means you will suffer less hook-pulls, which often happens if you are using a very stiff, powerful rod. So unless you need to cast to the horizon on a regular basis, the Whisker DF range is a very good all-round Carp rod.

However, if you have some half decent casting ability and the correct setup with a good big-pit reel, I’m sure that you would be able to hit distances in excess of 140 yards.

Daiwa Whisker DF Carp Rod 2

In my humble opinion, this is a very good Carp rod that at £185 is an absolute bargain. I would normally expect to pay considerably more for an English designed and made rod of this sort of specification.

Although we were sent the 3lb version to look at, there are four 12ft models in the range, starting at 2.75lb up to a 4.25lb spod rod, and two 13ft versions in 3lb and 3.5lb.

Daiwa Whisker DF Carp Rod 3

Features - Innovative blank design and carbon technology - TS lined guides - 50mm butt guide - DPS reel seat - Silk Matt blanks - Slim shrink tube handle - Flared butt end - Matt black butt cap

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