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Wednesday Review- Thinking Anglers Tackle Hooks Range

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Wednesday Review- Thinking Anglers Tackle Hooks Range

Thinking Anglers have introduced a new hook range that will give you a new-found confidence to fish big, and fish hard. Designed with carp anglers in mind, the summer 2019 range of super-slippery PTFE coated hooks have been rigorously tested by the team of Thinking Anglers for over the past two years. TA hooks will have you banking many big UK carp, including the legendary Burghfield Common.

There are four different hooks in the range, all featuring durable sharp points, micro-barbed hooks are forged from an ultra-strong and extra heavy gauge wire, offer unsurpassed strength for superior performance when you're taking angling to the edge. All the range are available in packs of 10 hook, in sizes 4, 5, 6 and 7.

So lets look at the range. First the Curve Point. This hook, like its name suggests has an in-turned point and in-turned eye and is also finished in slippery PTFE coating, perfect for a quick penetration of the carp’s mouth. This durable point is perfect for when fishing over rock hard gravel areas, where sharpness could be jeopardised when a big fish disrupts the area where your rig is laying. The Curve Point hook is the classic pattern, great for boilie and particle fishing hard on the deck.


Next, the Curve Shank hooks. These bad boys are ideal for all manner of big fish rig applications such as braided KD rigs, 360’s and the trendy ‘Ronnie’ rig. The curve shank has a needle sharp, durable point, and its these in-turned eyed, curve shanked, straight pointed hooks have undergone extensive testing in demanding big carp scenarios by our team prior to their general release.


The Straight Eye hook is again made from the super-slippery PTFE coat but can be used with coated or uncoated braids, monofilament and fluorocarbon materials for all bottom-bait applications. The strength of the straight eye hooks makes them fitting for extremely rigorous and weedy conditions, so they withstand the battle when the carp takes it to the overgrown lake beds.

Last but certainly not least, the Out-Turned Eye hook from Thinking Anglers are intended for use with stiff monofilaments and fluorocarbon materials for pop-up sections. Like the straight eye, the out-turned eye hook is able to withstand the rigors of weedy spots. Otherwise referred to in the community as stiff rig, this hook allows these stiff materials such as monofilaments, to exit the hook in a flowing direction, this lengthens the hook shank into a large curve, offering a multitude of uses for bottom bait and D-rig arrangements.

Needless to say, the Thinking Anglers hook range offer an effective and versatile selection for any carp angler.

Buy the Thinking Anglers Hook Range here

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