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Wednesday Review... Wychwood Tactical Flatbeds

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Wednesday Review... Wychwood Tactical Flatbeds

Reviewed by Total Carp Fishing Magazine…

The new range of bedchairs from Wychwood has been causing quite a stir on the Carp scene and has quickly gained a strong following. With three models in the range, each has been designed to bring style, practicability and comfort together, offering a range of affordable, high-quality products.

First is the Tactical Flatbed Compact.

At a mere 6.5kg, the Compact is the ideal bedchair for roving anglers who like to be on the move or those with limited space, because it has a flat profile and is rapid to set up and pack down. Smaller anglers often struggle to warm up the now monstrous bedchairs on the market so this is the perfect choice, or even for a children's bedchair. Complete with a padded pillow and fleece-lined mattress, this is one bedchair that doesn't compromise quality when offering a lightweight, compact design.

Wychwood Tactical Flatbeds-3

Moving up to the range brings us to the Flatbed Standard. This is slightly larger, as you would expect, but the aluminum frame still keeps it down to a minimum 7kg. With all the same features that you find on the Compact, this is a more traditional-sized version to suit the majority of anglers.

If, like myself, you prefer a little extra room when on the bank, Wychwood is also offering the Wide Flatbed, which is 150mm wider and 220mm longer than the Compact yet still only weighs in at 7.5kg, a mere 0.5kg heavier than the standard.

Wychwood Tactical Flatbeds-4

Finished with a minimal design and an attractive camouflage edging, the Flatbed models look the part, offer unrivaled quality and are as practical as a bedchair can be. If you don't believe me then check them out for yourselves.

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