What is the Best Bait for Carp Fishing in Spring?

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What is the Best Bait for Carp Fishing in Spring?

Carp angling in the spring can be difficult due to the variety of good and bad weather the venues have, however, spring carp are often ravenous as they have not eaten loads over winter and need to build up for their spawning season so you can always count on getting a bite. Therefore it’s a good time to get them feeding hard so don’t skimp on feed and get your hands on some decent carp bait.

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Top Carp Fishing Baits for Spring

When picking what bait to use for this time of year, it is worth knowing that spring carp baits require higher protein to allow carp to regain the weight they have lost during the winter months.

Maggots: Maggots offer plenty of protein for carp to lap up! To make them even more irresistible, make sure you add some liquid bait booster to a few, this paired with them wriggling on a hook should be deadly. These can be picked up on the way to your carp session from any of the Angling Direct stores!

Boilies:  Picking the best boilie for spring can be challenging but look soluble, open texture baits as this will help with spreading those important food signals when in your chosen bait area. Either pick up a pack of frozen or fresh boilies for your carp fishing venture if you are feeling creative, make your own! Watch the video below for a great bait recipe for homemade carp boilies!

Pop Up or Wafter: A white coloured Pop-Up is a go-to colour on some waters as is pink as these show up well on the bottom of the lake. Do note that some fish shy away from wafters.

Pellets: Fishy flavoured pellets also opt well, especially for spodding methods.

Corn: Whether it is a Sweetcorn Spod Mix or a large piece of corn used as a hookbait, carp love it. The bright yellow colour of corn is incredibly noticeable to fish, just like a fluorescent pop up on the bottom of the lakebed. As a bonus, corn is over 90% water so it is easy for carp to digest. (The easier it is to digest, the more bites and opportunities you may get!)

Particles: Hemp, maize and tiger nuts are great at attracting carp in spring. Try a pouchful of tigers over a few pouches of hemp when baiting and the fish will soon come!

Bread: Great to fish on the top as the warmer waters bring carp to the surface.


What Bait Flavours are Best for Carp in Springtime?

Fishmeal Flavoured Boilies work wonders in the spring months. The waters are warming up and so many swap those for sweet flavours that work so well in winter to more natural, fishy smells which boilies are great for!

Using sweet and sour flavouring at the same time can also work for spring carp fishing such as fruit boilies on the hair over loose fed fishmeals. Alternatively, you could experiment using double boilies on the hair in addition to a mixture of freebies.

What Colour Hookbait is Best for Spring Carp Angling?

Try a pink on one, a black on the other and a yellow on the other. Varying your hookbaits with keep carp intrigued, nonetheless if you are fishing the bottom of a lake bed, some carp will benefit from a highly visible bait from the neon colour spectrum.

Spring carp often get caught on bright carp baits more than any other time of the year, and so many anglers suggest opting for white popups or boilies as hookbaits.  White really stands out on any background.

Bait Methods that Carp Anglers use in Spring

Now you got some bait choices for carp fishing, it's time to consider how to get the bait to the fish. Many anglers would agree that springtime is a really tricky time for applying bait as spring can bring all types of weather; rain, sun, even snow. You generally have a mix of weather through a day session, especially in the UK so be prepared to fish for a bite at a time.

In early spring try baiting techniques that require a little amount of bait, often. If you are unfortunately fishing in the bad weather conditions in early spring then fish for just one bite at a time with a small hookbait and some boilies scattered over the top.

TOP TIP: Spring is where boilies and particle baits come in. Keeping small amounts of chopped boilies and particles going into spots.


Catapult: A lot of my carp fishing is done as close to medium range so try using a catapult to get a lot of your small amounts of feed out to the fish.

Spodding: On heavily fished waters spodding lots of baits will still work but I prefer to fish in quieter waters. Little and often works best for to get those carp feeding and coming back to the spots where you are fishing.

Feeder Rods: If you have 2 rods out then you can usually feed 4 spots at once. Keep looking to move at any signs of feeding on any of them. It is advised to feed with one of these rods in a close margin so you can keep an eye on it.

PVA bag:  of the different or combined freebies as an extra touch with or without a few pellets.

The later into the spring season, the more the fish start to move and feed. It is a good idea to keep an eye on local catch reports to see when the best feeding time tends to be which is usually 2-4 days after a period of warm weather. Try to bait with larger amounts and aim it downstream.

Does Pre-baiting Help Catch Carp?

Pre baiting spots is something many carp anglers do all year round, but it is certainly recommended in spring when fishing on lakes. Try trickling bait into clear spots around the fishing lake before leaving.

We hope these tips helped you with choosing your bait for the spring carp sessions to come!

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