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In 1986, two friends purchased a small fishing tackle shop in Wroxham, at the heart of the Norfolk Broads.  Keen anglers, the pair had been working as business advisers, and felt they needed some direct experience of running a business, rather than just heads full of theory.  They also felt that there was a need to modernise the retail side of angling, which, until that point, had very much been a closed shop; friends of tackle shop owners would be made welcome, and given as much information as they asked for, and a good deal more, while those stepping into a tackle shop for the first time were often made to feel as though they had interrupted someone at home, with the feeling being that the sooner they left, the better.

Angling Direct was born from a desire to open up angling to anyone, from fairweather fishermen (and women) looking for some holiday fun, to the experienced angler looking for classic carping sport, as well as the competitive match angler in need to top quality tackle. With the kind of open retail displays you’d expect to find in every other sector, and shops staffed by experienced, passionate anglers with the knowledge to help you find the right tackle for your fishing, your style, and your needs.

By 2017, Angling Direct had firmly established itself as a force to be reckoned with on the UK angling retail scene, with a network of shops across the country, and a rising online presence.  From this position, with the backing of ever-increasing brand awareness behind it, Angling Direct took a leap of faith, and became a Public Company, yet one that still retained its beginnings as a local, friendly, family-focused tackle shop, proving that size, and complexity of structure, doesn’t have to alter the spirit of something good.

As well as stocking tackle, equipment, and accessories from all the major brands that anglers of any discipline would expect to find readily available, Angling Direct also have their own home brand, Advanta, which offers several ranges of affordable fishing tackle and accessories, each tailored for a specific angling discipline, and designed to meet the needs that those anglers will face out on the water.  Whether you’re looking to buy and kit out a bivvy for winter carp fishing sessions, or you want to start building up a quality match angling arsenal without breaking the bank, our Advanta range has tackle, equipment, and accessories to suit you, and give you the advantage your angling needs to make it to the next level.

Going forward, Angling Direct still holds on to its first ambition from all those years ago; to bring more people into the angling community.  With a desire to make everyone feel welcome, and provide anglers of all abilities and levels of experience with the tackle they need to succeed, Angling Direct is a brand that’s dedicated to innovation and improvement, and committed to first-class customer service, whatever your needs or problems, issues or queries.

As a Company, Angling Direct are actively involved in forming partnerships with institutions and organisations involved in promoting sustainable fishing, and providing quality education for the next generation of fishery managers, fish farmers, and anglers.  With the seven-acre Crown Netherhall Fishery to their name, Angling Direct don’t just sell fishing tackle – they promote the angling lifestyle.


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