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We, here at Angling Direct, believe in the importance of having the right tools for the job – that’s why we’re proud to offer the UK’s largest selection of carp, coarse/match, specialist, predator, sea, and fly fishing nets. A net is essential to every angler, as it is the only tool you can confidently use to land your catch safely each time. If you are in the market to get yourself a new fishing net, whether its a landing net, keepnet or drop net, you are at the right place!

A high-quality fishing net ensures that you can practise proper fish care on the bank so that you never cause any damage to your catch in the delicate process of removing them from their watery home. Therefore, it is important to make a net choice which is right for your style of angling and each of the nets we stock have been designed for a specific purpose.

What is the best fishing net?

We only stock nets from the markets leading brands, so you can land your catch in style and with confidence by putting your trust in a superior-quality net. We’ve gone to extensive lengths to assemble a world-class range of fishing nets to suit all angling styles and budgets alike. Square, triangle, or round – we really do stock every shape and size you could wish for, and they each have been made with a particular fish in mind. However, when you are choosing the right fishing net for you, there are a few things to consider. 

Use - What discipline are you using the net for? We stock different nets suited to carp, specimen, predator, match, fly and sea fishing. We will later distinguish the differences between these nets.

Fishing Location - It is not just about what you are fishing for but where. For example, fishing from a high platform such as a dock will require a longer net handle or even a net attracted to a rope such as a cast net. 

Net Construction - Most nets consist of net arms, a spreader block, net mesh and a net handle.

Net Materials- the net head is usually manufactured from durable plastic, but sometimes manufactured from aluminium, this is the area of the net that holds the arms in place and attaches the head of the net onto the handle. Understandably, then, this is an area of the net that suppliers pay a lot of attention to during the design. If the spreader block fails, you’ll have a useless net on your hands, no matter how high quality the mesh or how sturdy the handle. aluminium, carbon arms and handle

Net Mesh -  The mesh of the net will vary, depending on the manufacturer, but all will use ‘fish-friendly’ styles. Fish friendly mesh is not abrasive, so the fish won’t damage your catch’s delicate scales, should they be thrashing around in the net. A deep mesh allows you to retain fish in the water before release, giving them time to recover before being either put under further stress (being lifted from the water for weighing and photographs) or released back into the water. 

Net Accessories - After selecting your net, consider what else may help you with the use and fishing location. For example, net floats help lift heavy fish from the water.

Brands - We here at Angling Direct stock a variety of nets from some impressive names in the business. If you are a fan of Daiwa, Fox, Maver, Preston or Korum then you are in the right place! These are just a few fishing nets manufactures that we stock!

How many different types of fishing nets are there?

In this net buying guide, we shall break down the types of fishing nets into disciplines of carp nets, coarse and match nets, and predator nets. 

Carp Fishing Nets - Defined by their long arms, wide gape, deep mesh, and long handle, a carp fishing net is usually triangular in shape to help land the fish. You will also find carp net arms as small as 36 inches for UK carp or a long as 50 inches that are ideal for European waters. Most manufacturers tend to use a hex-mesh pattern in carp nets which is often considered to be the softest mesh pattern available. Others use a wide mesh in the top of the net, allowing good water flow through, and denser mesh on the base, to better protect your carp. Carp nets tend to be fairly deep, as they are sometimes used for retaining carp in the water immediately after capture or prior to release.  Most carp nets come with 6ft (or approximately 185cm) handles as it allows you to keep your rod tip high whilst you’re landing your capture. 

Coarse Fishing Nets and Match Fishing Landing  Nets -  As coarse fish tend to be on the smaller side of the spectrum, you require smaller nets. Rather than using two arms in a triangle formation, most coarse nets tend to be spoon-shaped, using one arm bent around that attaches to the spreader block at both ends. Since you’re more likely to be fishing for coarse fish in a river, rather than from still water, the two flow mesh is used regularly in these nets. You might see the two different mesh types expressed in different colours or it might be obvious from the stitching pattern. Once again, the first mesh type will have wider holes, allowing for better water flow through the net. The second mesh type will be much finer, and therefore softer for the fish. You buy these net heads separate from their handles so you can create a coarse net that meets your preferences, i.e. your pole length.

Coarse Fishing Nets and Match Fishing Keepnets - Keepnets give you somewhere to keep your fish for the duration of your match. Usually square in shape and incredibly deep, keepnets can hold a large number of fish, ready for weighing at the end of your session to find out your total for the match. You can use keepnets outside of a match fishing scenario but you do need to be somewhat careful of the rules of the venue you’re fishing, as some waters ban the use of keepnets.

Predator Nets - often circular in shape, predator fishing nets tend to be larger than match nets. The biggest difference in predator nets is the mesh used. Usually, rubberised, predator net mesh reduces the risk that a fish will bite through the net! You can use a carp net with a shorter handle for predator fishing to help balance from a boat.

Check out Our Fishing Net Accessories

If you’re at a venue when you’re going to have to get into the water in order to land your fish, the last thing you want to be worrying about is that your net will sink to the depths of the lake. A popular accessory amongst carp anglers, a net float sits low on the handle of your landing net, flush to the spreader block and are used to help the net to float in the water. This is ideal for targeting an especially snaggy swim as it keeps your net out of the way, releasing when the weight of the fish finds its home.

In the accessories section of our net category, you can also buy spare net mesh and spreader blocks. These allow you to repair your net rather than having to invest in a brand new landing net and handle. We also stock net sleeves, which have been designed to ensure that your car boot is kept damp and stink-free!

The right net can make an incredible difference to any angling outing, and can often make the difference between the catch landed and a fish getting away. This is why we’ve hand-picked each product across our range for quality, performance, ease of handling and value for money. Our independence allows us to select the very best lines from the world’s most reputable brands. We have a full range of Daiwa nets, and as we are the leading Daiwa stockist in the country we can offer exclusive deals across their complete product range.

We’re all ardent anglers ourselves and we’ve created our own brand range of nets. All the nets in our Advanta range have been expertly constructed to meet our high standards. What’s more, we have a range of net floats and spares that fit perfectly with our nets. We’re always adding to our range with the latest in angling net innovations from all over the world, so check back regularly to see what’s new. As you can see, Angling Direct has exactly what’s needed to take your success and enjoyment to new heights.

Need more guidance on choosing your fishing net?

We’re always proud to offer our advice and suggestions to angling newcomers and, with a range of budget-friendly buys that never fail to make fishing simple and successful for first-timers, we hope to ease the journey into an angling lifestyle. Our customer services team and shop staff are always happy to help, and all our contact information is available on our website.

A high-quality net also ensures that you can practise proper fish care on the bank and it ensures that you never cause any damage to your catch in the delicate process of removing them from their watery home. Therefore, it is important to make a net choice which is right for your style of angling and each of the nets we stock have been designed for a specific purpose. Check out some of out Fishing Net Reviews on the AD Blog.

As you prepare for your next angling adventure, choosing the correct fishing net is essential. 

Types of Fishing Nets

Understanding Fishing Landing Nets

Fishing landing nets are crucial when reeling in your catch. These nets are designed with wide openings and deep bags, providing a safe space for the fish.

When selecting a fishing landing net, consider the mesh type — soft meshes are gentle on the fish's scales, while rubber meshes prevent hooks from snagging.

Carp Landing Net Features

Carp landing nets come with a broader, flat bottom to accommodate the sizable carp without harming them.

Look for options with a sturdy frame, deep mesh, and a long handle to support the weight of large carp comfortably.

Keepnet Considerations

Keepnets are perfect for temporarily holding your catch, commonly used in match fishing.

The right fishing keepnet should offer enough space for fish to move and be made of fish-friendly materials.

Consider the size and the type of closure at the top when making your selection.

Necessary Laning Net Accessories

Choosing Landing Net Handles

Landing net handles are available in various materials and lengths. Telescopic landing net handles are adjustable and suitable for anglers who require different lengths for diverse fishing conditions. The material should be durable and lightweight for easy handling.

Essential Net Bags for Anglers

Net bags provide a practical solution for carrying and protecting your fishing nets.

When selecting a fishing net bag, consider its size, material, and design to ensure it fits your specific net type and withstands environmental conditions.

Maintenance and Care for Longevity

All nets, including fishing landing nets, carp landing nets, and fishing keepnets, require proper care. Regularly clean and dry your nets to prevent deterioration and damage.

Proper maintenance enhances the lifespan and performance of your nets.


Angling Direct offers a curated selection of fishing nets, landing net handles, net bags, and accessories to meet every angler’s needs. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, you'll find products that combine quality, durability, and functionality to support your angling activities.

Understanding the different types of nets and their specific uses is essential for a successful fishing experience. Browse through Angling Direct’s comprehensive range, considering your needs, the species you target, and the environments you typically fish in. For personalised advice and assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team who are ready to help guide your selection process.

Q&A's about Fishing Nets

What is the best fish net?

The best fish net for anglers in the UK is dependent on your specific fishing needs and targets. A top-rated option is a multifunctional, durable fishing net with a telescopic handle, rubber-coated nylon netting, and foldable design for easy storage and transport. It's suitable for various fishing environments and ensures a gentle, secure catch.

What kind of fishing net do I need?

The kind of fishing net you need depends on the type of fishing you plan to do. For catch and release, choose a rubberised net to protect the fish's scales and slime coat. If you're fishing for larger species, a deeper, more robust net is essential. For small to medium-sized fish, a standard landing net is usually sufficient.

How big should a fish net be?

The size of your fish net should correlate with the size of the fish you intend to catch. For smaller species, a net with a hoop width of 15-20 inches should suffice. For larger fish, consider nets with a hoop width of over 30 inches and a deeper bag to secure and support the fish adequately.

What is a large fishing net called?

A large fishing net used primarily for commercial fishing is often referred to as a “trawl net” or “seine net”. These nets are designed to catch a large number of fish at once and are typically operated by more than one person due to their size and weight.

When it comes to fishing, there is very few items more important piece of equipment than the nets. After all, without them, you won't be able to lift a mighty double-figure fish out! When you have got a fish on your fishing hook you need to be ready to land the catch without stressing the fish or injury, which is why fishing nets are perfectly designed to cater to your target species.

What Fishing Net Do I Need?

Your type of fishing net will depend on your fishing discipline and the species of fish you are targeting. All of our coarse and fly fishing nets tend to be small, spoon-shaped landing nets as you are targeting smaller species. Carp and Specimen anglers require larger, triangular nets with soft mesh to handle not only the weight of the fish but are delicate on the fish’s scales and protective slime. For predator and sea anglers you need the toughest nets on the business as most of the fish you target have sharp teeth or spines that require some extra reinforcement in the mesh, net head and handles!

To read a bit more about the right fishing net for you and your needs, read our dedicated Buyers Guide to Fishing Nets.

In our fishing net selection, you will also find spare spreader blocks for net heads, spare net handles and poles and more net accessories. Be sure to also check out our luggage collection for net sleeves or net bags, which have been designed to ensure that your car boot is kept damp and stink-free!

When it comes to fish care and landing a fish or placing them in a keepnet, you want a brand you can trust. Luckily, we stock some of the best fishing net manufacturers available including; Preston, Daiwa, Korum, Nash, Fox, Trakker, Sonik and our very own brand; Advanta!

Welcome to Angling Direct's Fishing Nets Category, where you can find a wide range of top-quality fishing nets from some of the leading brands in the fishing industry. Our range of fishing nets includes products from Daiwa, Matrix, Preston, and more, so you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for.

Fishing nets are a vital piece of equipment for any angler, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out. They're an essential tool for landing your catch safely and securely.

At Angling Direct, we understand the importance of fishing nets and that's why we've put together a comprehensive range of products that are designed to meet the needs of anglers of all levels. Whether you're looking for a landing net for freshwater fishing, or a specialised sea fishing net, we have something for everyone.

Our range of fishing nets includes various styles, sizes, and materials to suit different fishing methods and species of fish. We have landing nets, keepnets, and even specialised carp fishing nets that are designed to help you land those big, hard-fighting carp safely and efficiently.

We also stock a range of net handles and heads, so you can find the perfect combination to suit your fishing needs. Whether you're looking for a long handle for easy reach, or a compact handle for storage in your fishing bag, we have a wide range of options to choose from.

At Angling Direct, we're committed to providing our customers with the best possible shopping experience. We have a knowledgeable and friendly customer service team who are on hand to help you with any questions you may have about our fishing nets, or any other products on our site.

Fishing nets are an essential piece of equipment for anglers, and at Angling Direct, we have a comprehensive range of products to suit every need. From landing nets to keepnets, and even specialized carp fishing nets, we have everything you need to land your catch safely and efficiently. So why wait? Head over to Angling Direct's Fishing Nets Category page today and find the perfect fishing net for your next fishing trip.

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