Fox FX11 Spare Spool

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Key Features

  • Fits Fox FX11 reel
  • Pro cast lip on spool
Fox FX11 Spare Spool, Whether you’re an angler who likes to have a back up in case your main spool sustains damage or wear, or you’re angler who likes to have lots of options down at the bank, a spare spool is an essential bit of kit. This is the Spare Spool for the Fox FX11 reel. Fox’s FX11 was developed when anglers up and down the country requested a downsized big pit reel that would balance perfectly on carp rods with test curves between 2.75lb and 3lb. the FX11 was the answer to that request and it has been one of Fox’s best received reels to date. Offering all the quality and performance of a classic big pit, this time in a compact body, the Fox FX11 is the perfect reel for tackling mid-sized venues and commercials up and down the country. This Fox FX11 Spare Spool has been designed and manufactured to the same exacting specifications as the original FX11. Fitted with Fox’s innovative ‘Pro-cast’ lip, this spool allows you the kind of big hitting potential you would expect from a traditional big pit reel. It has a line capacity top match and you won’t have a problem hitting the furthest features your local venue has to offer with this spool. Nothing is worse than suffering from a faulty bit of kit down on the bank and the thought of having to invest in a whole new reel due to a damaged spool is enough to make most anglers’ hearts sink. This Spare Spool offers affordable quality, allowing you to replace your spool even when you’re on a budget. Wishing you had brought another set up option in order to have maximum versatility at the water’s edge is another devastating feel for those most passionate members of the carp fishing community. This Spare FX11 Spool ensures that you never have to feel that kind of emotion on the bank again.
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