Fox Vario Sunglasses Black/Orange Frame

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Key Features

  • Interchangeable Lenses - Brown, Green, Grey
  • TAC Polarised Lens
  • UV400
  • Waterproof
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Hardened Processing
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Hardcase Carry Pouch

Fox Vario Sunglasses Black/Orange Frame

All good anglers know that a pair of top quality sunglasses are as essential to your carp fishing and your rod and reel. After all, your eyes are one of your most vital weapons on the bank as they allow you to spot the dark shape of carp under the water and ensure that you’re targeting your efforts as best as you possibly can. What’s more, your eyes will often give you the first signs of a bite, whether that’s due to your float dipping below the water, your rod tip nudging down to the water, or your indicators bobbing. Compromising your eyes on the bank is a sure fire way to ensure that you walk away having had a disappointing experience, which is why Fox has taken great care when designing these sunglasses to ensure that you’re as equipped as possible to target the water no matter the circumstances.

These Fox Vario Sunglasses Black/Orange Frame come supplied with three different lens options. This makes them one of the most versatile sunglass options on the market, as you can modify the lens depending on your needs on the day. For example, if you’re fishing with exceptionally bright sunlight which is causing serious glare from the water then you’ll want to employ the green lens. Most often used by sea anglers who have choppy waters and high sun to contend with, green lenses give a high contrast with fantastic benefits when sight fishing. Conversely, if you’re out on the bank on a classic British ‘bright-but-overcast’ day then you might want to employ the brown lenses. Lenses which pull towards the brown spectrum are ideal for brightening your environment and are perfect for fishing on cloudy days when you still have lots of glare from the water to contend with. These are also ideal for driving and are a highly versatile multi-purpose lens for day-to-day use. Finally, if you’re in fairly neutral conditions but you still need to cut through that glare then you’ll want to pop in the grey lenses. Grey lenses give the most natural contrast, so you don’t have to worry that your sunglasses are distorting the world around you. This makes them excellent for a whole host of sunny conditions – whether you’re on the bank or otherwise.

All of the lenses in the range have been polarised. This is vital, as it amplifies colours near the ground and neutralises the brightness coming from the sky – helping you to cut through the bright flashes of light which sparkle from the water on sunny days. All the lenses that come with the Fox Vario Sunglasses Black/Orange Frame are also rated to 400 on the UV spectrum. This means that they block the harmful UV rays which emit from the sun and cause damage to your skin and vision – after all, you can’t suncream your eyes, so wearing sunglasses with a high UV rating is your best option to ensure your full UV protection. Not only are these lenses scratch resistant – so should you accidentally place them in a pocket with a hook you’re not likely to be left with a pair of useless lenses – but these glasses also come supplied with their own hardcase. This allows you to safely transport your sunglasses and spare lenses and it ensures that they are all in tip top condition when you need them. A cleaning cloth is provided as standard, too.

Long gone are the days that you can blame the weather for your angling disappointment. These Fox Vario Sunglasses Black/Orange Frame ensure that you can target the water in the brightest sunshine, allowing you to fish season in and season out with complete confidence.

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