Korum Telescopic Fishing Chair Legs

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Key Features

  • Fits all versions of the Korum Accessory andLightweight Accessory Chairs
  • Does not fit current Deluxe Accessory Chair

Korum Telescopic Fishing Chair Legs

Whether you’re a tall angler who requires a little additional elevation, a short angler who is fed up with your feet dangling in the air, or you’re an angler who regularly finds yourself on uneven terrain, then having a chair with telescopic legs is a huge bonus. This is why Korum has designed these Telescopic Chair Legs, allowing you to enjoy complete control over the height of your chair. Please note, these legs are supplied in pairs. Purchasing one set would allow you to enjoy telescopic legs on two out of your four chair legs, purchasing two sets would enable you to enjoy a completely telescopic setup.

The Korum Telescopic Chair Legs have been designed to fit all Korum Accessory and Lightweight Accessory chairs currently available on the market. The only exception to this is the current Deluxe Accessory Chair. This also ensures that these legs are completely compatible with all of the Korum Accessories, allowing you to attach even more gear to your chair. This ensures that you can always have the gear you need close to hand, whether that it is a tray table or a rod rest. These legs are the ideal tool for the angler who likes to have a lot of gear on the bank.

As the name suggests, these legs are completely telescopic. This means that it is incredibly simple to adjust the height of your chair to your exacting specifications. No matter your discipline, this is an incredibly useful feature, as it ensures your complete comfort on the bank. However, it is especially ideal if you are coarse or match fishing with a pole or if you need to get up and out of your chair quickly, as you are able to sit higher from the bank than you would otherwise be able to with the standard Korum Accessory Chair. You can also attach a foot plate to these legs, transforming your chair into the ideal tool for boggy or otherwise muddy swims. As an additional muddy-bank feature, these Korum Telescopic Chair Legs have been finished with large mud feet. These spread the weight of the chair over a greater area, ensuring that you don’t sink into the ground on particularly damp days. They are also a stabilising feature to ensure that the chair provides you with a flat and comfortable surface on which to sit.

With its ethos of ‘Fishing Tackle Made Easy’, Korum is uniquely concerned with the needs of anglers on the bank. With a desire to improve the angling experience, all of Korum’s tackle has been designed with the angler in mind. With its close involved with the I Love Fishing campaign, Korum works hard to grow the sport of angling. Angling is already the largest participation sport in the UK and Korum wants to ensure that it remains as open and as accessible as possible. One way that Korum does this is through the use of its Club Korum fishing kits, which are the ideal tools for the novice anglers. Each of these Club Korum kits come with a 45 minute DVD explaining how to use all the tackle in the kit, perfect for any angler who is new to sport – no matter their age.

If you are looking for a way to adjust the height of your Korum chair, these Telescopic Chair Legs are the ideal tool.

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