Nash KNX Bank Stix

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Key Features

  • Matte coating
  • Twist compression cams
  • Auger screw points
  • Available in 9in, 12in and 15in
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Nash KNX Bank Stix

When it comes to carp fishing tackle, there are many areas more exciting and sophisticated than rod support, but as with many of the simpler aspects of tackle, while it’s not at the sexier end of the spectrum, that doesn’t mean it’s not essential. Well, it’s not if you like to spend your sessions stood stock still holding your rod over the water, but it is if you like things like sitting, eating, drinking and being able to relieve yourself.

This is where Nash KNX Bank Stix comes in. These banksticks provide super-strong rod support at a very affordable price, freeing you up to attend to your other rods, put a brew on, make yourself something to eat or simply sit back and put your feet up, safe in the knowledge your rod won’t be going anywhere - even if you get a bite from the mother of all carp!

The lightweight nature of Nash KNX Bank Stix makes them especially mobile. This is beneficial not just in terms of lightening the load you take bankside, although anything that can lessen the weight of your barrow or carryall isn’t to be taken ... lightly, but in terms of making you a more mobile angler. This is because they are easy to put up, pack away and carry, enabling you to cover more water if you stick to a single-stick set up. The twist compression cams help with this, allowing you to extend, contract and adjust the banksticks with a flick of the wrist.

These Nash banksticks are available in three lengths - 9in, 12in and 15in. Which lengths are best for you will depend on the conditions at and features of the fisheries and swims you frequent, as well as your personal preference. The softer the ground at your swim, the longer the banksticks you’ll need, as you’ll have to push them in further to make them stable, and if there’s weed present oin the water you’ll want a shorter bankstick and longer bankstick for each rod so you can keep the tips high and lines clear. If you like to fish in a compact way and keep your gear close to the ground, you’ll want shorter banksticks.

Speaking of stability, Nash KNX Bank Stix have auger screw points rather than simply transitioning into a smooth point like many pricier banksticks, enabling you to screw them into banks that have been hardened by footfall and sunshine. This ensures your rods won’t move a millimetre, no matter how high the wind or how aggressive the take.

If you like to fish with a parallel setup, want to reduce the number of backsticks you need or want to save time when setting up your rod support, then you can combine Nash KNX Bank Stix with a buzz bar. These make it quicker and easier to align your banksticks and reduce your bankstick load from six to two when carp fishing with a three-rod setup. While rod support connections are generally universal, meaning you are free to choose almost any buzz bar, you may want to opt for a Nash buzz bar to complement the sleek matte black coating of the Nash KNX Bank Stix.

Some anglers believe there isn’t much to say about rod support, but despite the simplicity of banksticks, the details matter, as heading out for a session with sticks that aren’t suited to the surrounding environment or your personal preferances can suck the fun out of it. If you want a good-looking, easy-to-use bankstick that offers mobility and stability, and makes carp fishing with a single-stick setup affordable, Nash KNX Bank Stix are an excellent shout.

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