Preston DS Commercial Pole Rig Dibber

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  • Size 4 x 10, 4 x 12, 4 x 14Fibreglass float stemFloat Body made from Rohacell FoamHigh-quality double slider winder
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What a pain it is approaching a match day and having to either make up your rigs the night before or rush them prior to the start of the event. The time it takes to get your rigs all set up for match day can be solved with Preston’s premade pole rig range.

Preston Innovations is a match fishing specialist, which means that all its products are designed with the aim of catching the most fish. The brand is regularly verified by the bestselling angling magazines up and down the country and is a huge name in the industry. The brand demands quality and practicality and is supported by the expertise of the biggest names in match fishing.

Des Shipp’s range of high-quality pole rigs is all constructed using premium P.I. components including Shipp’s own designed range of floats. The rigs also include reflo power line and Stotz shotting which ensures durability and reliability when out at the lake.

Each rig is expertly tied and supplied on a high-quality double slider winder so you do not need to worry about fiddling with the float and line, you can just pull this rig set up out of your bag and get fishing, giving you a head start to any match.

Despite the variation in float sizes: 4 x 10, 4 x 12, 4 x 14, the line diameters and hook sizes have been carefully selected for each pattern to offer sensible, balanced, ready to fish rigs.

A dibber is the ultimate shallow bagging float and is particularly effective when fishing for F1's and carp. It is designed to eliminate tangles when 'slapping' your rig, this small super strong and buoyant float is suitable for a variety of baits and tactics. Great for 'mugging' carp on the surface too.

The float has a tip and body made of Rohacell Foam, this not only makes the floating body incredible strong and durable but it also the eye is confidently secured in the foam, making this float last a lot longer. The foam is also coated with a toughened gloss finish which means the line will not be digging into the float.

The float has a tip diameter of 4.75mm and the stem of the dibber is made from fibreglass material. Tip of the float also features a matt black finish which helps cut through the film of water as there is nothing worse than having to keep flicking your float until the float goes down. Des Shipp has designed this float so it goes down, cocks immediately and goes down to the end of the bristle, helping you put more fish in the net.

The Dibber is one of the many pattern floats from the DS collection of Pole Rigs and with Preston quality is certainly assured.

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