Preston DS Commercial Pole Rig Shallow

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Preston Innovations have honoured the success of consultant angler and match fishing expert, Des Shipp, with a range of pole floats designed by the man himself. Des Shipp has a wealth of experience when it comes to match fishing, having five team England world gold medals, two European gold medals and is the only angler to have two Parkdean Masters wins under his belt.

In an attempt to further your own fishing, you could do a lot worse than edge your bets with Des Shipp’s vast rig knowledge, not only that but the ring winder that the Preston DS rigs are provided on make using them in a match situation all the more convenient.

As the name suggests, this rig is designed to be fished shallow up in the water or on the marginal shelf. The strong durable Rohacell hollow body and 2.0mm hollow bristle lends itself to fishing up in the water for larger carp that take your bait on the drop.

Above the Rohacell foam body the hollow plastic tip measures 2.0mm in diameter and is finished in hi-vis orange, underneath the body a sturdy glass stem sits below the water.

The rig is tied with 0.17mm, 6lb 12oz Reflo Power mainline and a 0.15mm, 5lb 14oz hooklength, a size 16 hook and is sold as a 2m rig length.

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