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Advanta Carp Starter Set

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Key Features

  • 3x 12ft, 2.75lb, 2pc carp rods
  • 3x Freespool reels
  • 3x Bite Alarms
  • 3x Hangers
  • Rod pod complete with adjustable length main bar and extending legs
  • 1x Carp holdall that accepts three ready rigged rods
  • Front and rear buzz bars
  • 3x Butt grips

For most people, when you think angling, you think carp.  Seeing these big, stunning fish held up to the camera in magazines, or on anglers’ social media feeds, is enough to make those exploring angling for the first time want to go and catch one of their own – not necessarily to set a new record, but just to see a big, beautiful beast of a fish up close and personal.  For anglers who’ve already cut their teeth on smaller fish, such as roach and dace, carp offer the thrill and attraction of being an intelligent, wary, and wily fish, that offers a real challenge to anyone going after them, and can put up a truly engaging fight on their way to your net, taking angling from the realms of peaceful pastime to full on sport in one fast, hard bite.

While Advanta offer tackle, equipment, and accessories for anglers of all disciplines, the brand is, first and foremost, a carp brand, with many anglers from that discipline involved at all levels of product development, marketing, and retail, combining personal passion, and knowledge gained from experience, with fishing gear that’s designed to offer an easy, affordable introduction to a sport that inevitably takes you deeper.

The home brand of the UK’s most popular fishing retailer, Angling Direct, Advanta products are available in-store and online, so wherever you are, you can pick up the perfect start to your angling adventure, and give yourself, and your fishing, the Advanta advantage, with tackle and accessories brought to you by a company that’s run by and for dedicated anglers, with a commitment to quality fish care, and ensuring you enjoy the ultimate bankside experience.

As passionate about sustainable angling as they are about anglers’ enjoyment of the sport, and success on the bank, Advanta offers a range of fish care equipment, any of which, along with a solid, stable, fully weatherproof bivvy, would perfectly complement this comprehensive kit that would make an ideal gift for the young carp angler, or for someone exploring the sport for the first time.  The journey of a thousand catches starts at a single swim – and, with the Advanta Carp Starter Set, it starts at a price you just can’t pass up, too.

With this carp starter set, you can get fishing with a multiple rod set up – the most versatile and successful method of carp fishing – straight away.  Bringing you three 12ft, two-piece rods, each with a 2.75lb test curve, three freespool reels, which give you full flexibility to perfectly play in a strong fish that’s given you a good run without losing or damaging it, three bite alarms, so you’ll always know as soon as you’ve had a take, however subtle, a rod pod, with three hangers, an adjustable length main bar, front and rear buzz bars, extending legs, and thee hangers, which allows you to set your rods up, baited and hung exactly the way you want them, waiting in the water for a bite, while you prepare bait, tie a few rigs, or head back to your bivvy for a brew – or a kip, if you’ve opted to spend the night on the bank, to take advantage of the often increased carp activity that comes with the fall of darkness, and three butt grips, giving you superior hold on your rods, even during an active play, or in a fast-moving swim during a torrential downpour, this carp angling kit gives you everything you need to start hooking and drawing in these stunning fish. Take advantage of the affordability of the Advanta brand, and start building up your angling album, and working towards an impressive personal best, quickly and effectively. 

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