Advanta Discovery CSX V2 Carp Rods - Buy 2 Get 1 Free - Mix & Match - Advanta Saturday

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Advanta Discovery CSX V2 Carp Rods - Buy 2 Get 1 Free - Mix & Match - Advanta Saturday

Now available on a dynamic buy 2, get 1 free deal, you can have all the benefits of these lightweight, responsive, high-strength carbon blank carp rods, in a complete set that's perfect for all your angling.  Mix and match to create your dream set up, or take three of a kind, this offer brings you the best in carp fishing tackle, with a genuine value for money element. Get in quickly, though, as this deal is available for a limited period, while stocks last - don't miss out on your chance to grab three sleek, lightweight, durable rods for under £100.

A passion for all things carp was the beginning of the Advanta brand, and remains at the heart of the brand, even as it expands to offer the same high-quality, affordable angling essentials to other angling disciplines.  If you had any concerns that Advanta was moving away from carp angling, this selection of dedicated carp rods should hope to allay them.  Going back to the auspicious beginnings of Advanta, yet keeping today’s techniques and technologies at the forefront of product design and development, we’re bringing you a range of slim, reinforced carbon rods that all offer an exceptional power to diameter ratio, and, at either 10ft or 12ft, with test curves between 3lb and 3.25lb, give you the freedom and versatility to make the most of your fishing, and change up carp for pike come winter, if that takes your fancy, or you just want to dip your toes in predator waters, and see if it’s a discipline you’d like to explore a little more.

Carp can be big, powerful fish, and catching them requires skill, patience, and strong, reliable tackle.  With its multi-layered structure, 18mm DPS reel seat, and lightweight LTS guides, as well as stylistic touches like a laser etched butt cap, these rods more than tick the boxes for quality, reliable tackle that’s strong enough to take the strain of a big, lively carp that’s putting up a fight on the end of your line, whilst remaining lightweight and smooth enough to feel good, and handle well, on the bank.  A shrink wrap lower grip ensures you’re able to hold your rod steady, even when it’s slick with rain and being tested to the limit by a feisty fish, meaning you have the best chance of bringing your bite to the bank without sending your tackle for an unexpected dip in the process.

A 10ft rod is ideal for margin fishing, something that’s become increasingly popular in recent years, with plenty of rewards on offer for those who can apply skill and subtlety to the technique.  In heavily fished areas, carp will often keep to the margins, having learnt that hooked bait typically ends up in the middle of the swim, and that, from the margins, baits fished closer to the bank can be nibbled without the hook being taken. Taking the bait right to them gets around this wariness and awareness, often leading to impressive rewards.  A 12ft rod, meanwhile, gives you the power and reach you need on any venue, while a spod and marker rod always comes in handy, whatever your fishing style.

Backed by the retail power and angling passion of Angling Direct, a name that’s firmly establishing itself as a popular, leading brand in the world of fishing retail, Advanta was designed to bring quality, high-performance angling tackle and accessories to the novice and improving angler who doesn’t want to spend too much money on tackle in the initial stages, or who are looking to affordably add to their existing equipment. Bringing the passion and experience of a team that’s liberally peppered with dedicated anglers of all disciplines, working in all areas of the business, and combining it with over thirty years of retail experience, Angling Direct takes your fishing seriously, but makes the experience of getting the tackle and accessories you need fun – even if you’re a non-angler buying a gift for someone special.


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