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Advanta Friday - Advanta PS Drop Shot Rod

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Advanta Friday - Advanta PS Drop Shot Rod

Take ADVANTA‘GE’ this Friday! We take a closer look at the Advanta PS Drop Shot Rod.

It’s that time of year when the fishing tends to slow down, daylight hours are limited, and the cold weather takes hold. Despite the doom and gloom of winter, there’s always enough time to grab a few hours drop shotting with an Advanta PS Drop Shot Rod to target winter species such as pike and perch.

This rod design promises to work your drop shot lures effectively while transmitting the subtlest of takes from the tiniest perch. The PS Drop Shot Rod comes in two sizes, 7ft and 8ft, and they are rated for casting weights between 5g and 15g. Both rods are two-piece and packed with a multitude of technology and features which allow you to effectively target predators with the modern and active American bass-influenced style of drop shot lure fishing.


Advanta PS Drop Shot Rods have ultra-slim 30T carbon blanks which offer an awesome power-to-diameter ratio. They have extremely sensitive tips to help you detect the smallest of vibrations and respond positively in your mission to land more fish. This tip design also helps with casting accuracy and the overall feel for your end tackle.

PS Drop Shot Rods feature SK2 reel seats and EVA butt grips, which make them very comfortable to use and keep your hand in an ideal position for playing fish or feeling your drop shot at work. They include lightweight LTS guides too, which are ideally suited to work with braided mainline. The addition of a keeper ring for reducing tangles and protecting your terminal tackle means you can keep your rod rigged up in the boot of your car, always ready for a few hours’ sport.


Whether you’re an experienced drop shot angler or new to the technique but fancy giving it a go, the Advanta PS Drop Shot Rod offers the perfect package at an astonishing price.

Key Features - Flat matt ultra slim blank - High power to diameter ratio - Ultra-sensitive tip action - Maximum vibration and feel for better conversion - SK2 reel seat with exposed blank and EVA butt grip - Lightweight LTS guides - Designed for maximum abrasion resistance with braided mainline - Hook keeper ring - Lengths: 7ft and 8ft - Casting Weight: 5/15g

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