Advanta Saturday- Advanta PS Folding Rubber Net

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Advanta Saturday- Advanta PS Folding Rubber Net

A great feeling of winning that tiresome battle with a predator fish on your line finally settling as you bring them closer to the bank. For fish safety and for anglers easy, nets with a decent length handle ensure a longer reach for when fishing in high gradient venues or awkward swims.

The bigger the net head means an easier time and wider space to capture the fish but both these benefits of a great fishing net cost you space in your car and barrow. Advanta have the solution that will provide a compact net.

Designed with the serious predator angler in mind, the PS folding rubber net from Advanta is ideal for the angler who likes to travel light, and have the freedom to stalk the bank, following the fish, without being weighed down by tackle and equipment. The ability to fold out and extend the fully retractable telescopic handle of the net makes it perfect for pike anglers taking a boat out to the deeper water drop offs that pike like to hide out in, particularly during winter, when their aim is to do as little as possible in order to conserve energy and keep warm while the temperatures are low.

This Advanta net has plenty more functionality with its rubberised knotless mesh. The mesh effortlessly avoids snagged hooks, lowering the chance of replacement as well as being strong yet lightweight thanks to the aluminium frame which makes this the easy-to-use landing net you can rely on.

The dimensions of the net once unfolded is width 75cm x length 85 cm. While Advanta’s prices will appeal to the novice angler looking to get their first kit together without breaking the bank, they may also tempt the more experienced angler who needs to replace essential items!

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