Angling Direct - Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme

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Angling Direct - Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme


600 years.

The number of metres of discarded line if 1 million UK anglers re-spools just two reels each a year with 400metres of monofilament. That’s enough to get to the moon.

The number of years it takes for heavy monofilament fishing line to break down in landfill.

Adding to the mountains of toxic waste that will take many lifetimes to degrade in landfill, with the inevitable pollution of streams, rivers, and oceans that results from toxic breakdown, or incineration, with the air pollution that results, even with the most stringent processes in place; until now, these have been the only options for disposing of used fishing line.

As a company that’s as passionate about leaving behind a good, clean environment as we are about providing you with the bait, tackle, and accessories you need to land healthy, gleaming specimens, Angling Direct is proud to announce that we will be fully supporting the Anglers’ National Line Recycling Scheme (ANLRS), and taking the Sussex start of this new initiative, devised and developed by Sussex-based concern group Local Independent Sea Anglers (LISA) nationwide, through our network of stores.

Reducing pollution, leaving one less hazard for wildlife, and improving the image and reputation of angling; recycling fishing line is something the whole of angling can agree on, with over 85% of anglers surveyed saying they would be keen to recycle their used fishing line if facilities were available.

First of Its Kind

At Angling Direct, we love firsts, so getting behind the ANLRS, which is the first initiative of its kind in the UK, was an easy decision for us to make. We also love helping good ideas become great ideas, and giving local anglers a national impact, which is exactly what we’ll be doing with, and for, ANLRS.

With a dedicated line recycling bin in every single one of our stores across the country, recycling your lines, both monofilament and braid, couldn’t be simpler; drop your line into the recycling bin at your local Angling Direct store, and we’ll do the rest!  We’re looking at ways to reward you for being a responsible angler, too, with in-store services and discounts being considered for anglers who recycle their line through us.

As we already have dedicated van runs from our central site out across our retail network, we’ll be including collections of recycled lines on these runs, posting all the line recycled through our stores direct, so there’s no additional traffic, no increased carbon footprint, and no further vehicle emissions involved in helping to make ANLRS the angling status quo it should be.

Making Life Easy

Almost all anglers care about the wider environment, as healthy wildlife and clean surroundings lead to good fishing. As such, we know that recycling matters to you; we also know that you’re all busy with work, family, and many other commitments. You want to do the right thing, but you need it to be easy – now, with recycling your fishing line as simple as popping in to your local Angling Direct store, doing the right thing has become effortless.


LISA intends for ANLRS to be cost-neutral; any money that is made through the scheme will be invested in projects that benefit anglers, promote angling, and support the environment, making line recycling a win-win situation for everyone.

With this in mind, LISA, in conjunction with the GGGI, are carrying out an online survey for anglers to gain your views on how you would like to recycle your old line and braid. Please find two minutes to complete the survey via the link below to help LISA shape the ANLRS to suit you, the nations’ anglers. Rest assured you do not have to leave any personal or contact details when you visit the survey.

A Bit About LISA

Local Independent Sea Anglers is a member-led community run by and for anglers, which has branched out from its Sussex beginnings to include anglers from across the UK and further afield. Actively involved in anything that benefits anglers and enhances the reputation of angling, LISA organises angling meets and beach cleans, among other positive initiatives and projects. In 2017, LISA became the first angling organisation to join the GGGI (Global Ghost Gear Initiative ), setting an example that the sport, and the retail sector that backs it, should look to follow.

With over 30  recycling bins already placed in tackle shops and fishing venues around the country by LISA, the ANLRS is off to a strong start; we look forward to hearing good things about this initiative, and the organisation that started it, for many years to come.

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