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Arezue Wright- Birthday Banger

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Arezue Wright- Birthday Banger

Now it may seem strange to most girls, especially non anglers and some may even call me mad, but since I started fishing my birthday celebrations no longer consist of wild nights out and party dress’. Instead I grab my wellies, pick up my rods, drive miles in all manner of weather in order to huddle up by the side of the lake in the hope that I’ll soon be cradling a big slimy fish in front of the camera!

Strange it may seem but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

With this in mind, why would my birthday this year be any different?

With a few days booked off work it was to be 48 hours on the bank at the stunning Millbrook fisheries which is a very picturesque venue of 4.5 acres in the heart of the Midlands and home to some stunning specimen carp.

The weather man had predicted heavy rain all weekend but it would take a lot more than that to dampen my spirits.

On this occasion, I was to be joined by my husband and one of his angling friends which made for a nice little group social, someone to carry my gear on this occasion, seeing as it was my birthday and maybe even buy a bottle of celebratory wine! Here’s hoping anyway.

Arriving bright and early the first morning the skies looked ominous, as thunderous rain clouds loomed overhead and so we made a quick draw to determine our pegs.

Rods out, bivvy up, and let the celebrations begin!

It didn’t take long before the carp started to show themselves, intermittent patches of bubbles were sent to the surface as they grubbed around in the lake bottom looking for a tasty morsel, would I be in for an early fish? It definitely looked promising.

On this occasion and “fishing for a bite” initially, I opted for two simple, solid PVA bags cast to the marginal perimeter of a nearby island. The fishery can be busy at times with a quick turn around you never know what or how much bait the previous person may have put in so I find this line of attack works best for me.

Early evening and the red wine began to flow, followed by a Chinese banquet, yummy!

Spirits were high and fishing banter reverberated around my bivvy but unfortunately our alarms remained silent.

That night and into the early hours as I slumbered safe and warm in my sleeping bag, whilst the rain outside was truly biblical.

As first light broke I awakened to a misted lake, my rods and everything around it decorated in pearlescent rain drops and mirrored in the surface of a large puddle which now lay before me and my rods.

Birthday morning and I was up bright and early and was greeted by a nice warm birthday cuppa! What better way to start the day.

Cards and presents were exchanged but the one present I truly wanted, not to be ungrateful of course, was a big fat carp! How magical would that be?

Finally the rain stopped and as I emerged from my bivvy to survey the lake I could see patches of bubbles from feeding carp breaking the surface within feet of my hook baits!

Slowly but surely the fish got closer and momentarily I was left thinking, what if something was wrong or my bait wasn’t presented properly? why weren’t they picking up my bait it was right there?! Should I recast?

It’s funny how you sometimes begin to doubt yourself and everything you’ve done or are doing just because it doesn’t happen when you perhaps deem it should, at times like this I know it’s easier said than done but it’s just a matter of being patient.

Suddenly as if by magic the carp gods must have heard my prayer as my left hand rod burst into life omitting a single bleep, followed by a second.

Fishing on a tight line to avoid the inevitable should a fish make for the island marginal shrubbery, my bobbin slowly pulled tight and my rod ached round! Boom I was in!!

With the lead dropping on the take the fish broke surface and with a flick of its tail pondered deep and heavy, my heart pounding, my palms sweating and I prayed the size 4 hook would hold.

A short but arduous fight ensued but is seemed like a lifetime and on approaching the net the fish once more took flight sending my heart into overdrive.

Finally the fish was beat and with the fish tasting air it wallowed on the surface at which time I could see it was a good fish.

Keeping the pressure on I gently walked backwards drawing the fish into the awaiting net and with one quick scoop she was mine!

A joyous applause rang out behind me as I felt that everyone was pleased to see the fish resting safely in the bottom of the net and to bag a biggie on my birthday made it even more special.

Taking a moment to gather my senses in all the euphoria, the fish was allowed to momentarily rest before being heaved up onto the cradle for some birthday shots.

On the scales she went 26lb 8oz what a result and what a way to do it on my birthday.

Trophy shots done of what was a lovely clean fish with a mouth big enough to fit an orange in it!

Back she went to fight another day and I was on cloud nine.

Unfortunately no further action followed and as the heaven opened once more we were left to pack down in yet another biblical deluge.

Despite being wetter than the ducks in the pond this is one trip I’m sure I’ll remember for a long time especially my “birthday banger!”
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