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  1. Arezue Wright- Birthday Banger

    Arezue Wright- Birthday Banger

    Now it may seem strange to most girls, especially non anglers and some may even call me mad, but since I started fishing my birthday celebrations no longer consist of wild nights out and party dress’. Instead I grab my wellies, pick up my rods,

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  2. Arezue Wright- Parklife

    Arezue Wright- Parklife

    When anglers on a budget or perhaps fishing with limited opportunities and access to grand fisheries, a public and urban waters offer a priceless alternative.Clear your preconceptions of the grim tales of local authority-owned lakes that are

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  3. Arezue Wright- Fishing In Weed

    Arezue Wright- Fishing In Weed

    During the summer months and especially during prolonged hot spells, the majority of UK waters will experience accelerated weed growth, creating heavily weeded lakes. Is this an angler’s curse? Is fishing in the weeds something anglers should shy

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  4. Arezue Wright- Bankside Photography Made Easy

    Arezue Wright- Bankside Photography Made Easy

    There is nothing worse than after all that time and effort you have put in to chasing your chosen quarry to land a monster fish and then to have the only record of that special moment, of that monumental catch to be in the form of a poor quality

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  5. The Last Goodbye- Arezue Wright

    The Last Goodbye- Arezue Wright

    It was with a heavy heart last weekend that Dave and I travelled down to Norfolk to say our final goodbyes and celebrate the life of the legend, the one and only Sir John Wilson.For me I think it’s fair to say that at no other time did any one

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  6. Arezue Wright- Tench Fishing

    Arezue Wright- Tench Fishing

    At this time of the year with the last of the winter winds washing away, I look forward to the prospect of long summer evenings and the pursuit of the mighty ‘Redeye’.For the purists amongst us and those who can remember the ‘Glorious 16th June

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  7. Arezue Wright- New Venue Spring Carpin

    Arezue Wright- New Venue Spring Carpin

    The prospect of fishing a new water and the excitement of catching your first fish from your chosen venue for me is still one of the most exciting and exhilarating experiences in angling.At the beginning of this year I set my sights on a stunning

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  8. Arezue Wright- Spring Cleaning

    Arezue Wright- Spring Cleaning

    SPRING CLEANINGAs winter finally comes to an end, I look forward to my favourite time of year, SPRING!Frozen toes and the frosted days of winter soon become a distant memory and in turn make way for the warming sunshine and the sweet fragrance of

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  9. Back To Basics- Arezue Wright

    Back To Basics- Arezue Wright

    The face of fishing is forever changing and nowhere is this more evident than in the wonderful world of carp fishing.Within what has now become a booming multi million pound industry, it is very easy to become lost in a labyrinth of angling products

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  10. Arezue Wright - Polish Carping Adventures

    Arezue Wright - Polish Carping Adventures

    A little over 12 months ago I received an invite, along with my husband Dave, to fish the mighty Lake Golsawice, rumoured to be the best carp fishery in Poland.Golsawice is a relatively unknown lake to most but with its resident carp now in excess of

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