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Daiwa Tournament Basia Custom Reel DCR4

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Daiwa Tournament Basia Custom Reel DCR4

Daiwa Tournament Basia Custom Reel DCR4

Of all the custom reels in our custom range this must surely be the most striking. Almost completely black, with a deep twilight coloured handle, the Tournament Basia DCR4 is truly a statement reel for the most serious of anglers. Its simple colour scheme ensures that it will not look out of place on any rod; indeed, the almost complete absence of colour on this reel allows it to add a level of quiet sophistication to any rod set up.

With AirBail and TwistBuster technology fitted as standard, you can be assured of excellent line lay with every use – twists and snags are a thing of the past with world class Daiwa technology. The reel is fitted with a stunning Basiair wishbone handle and topped with a classic T-shaped knob. This knob is soft touch, for increased comfort and heat retention; has been ergonomically designed for ease of grip; and is finished with a black Daiwa branded cap. The High Impact Protection (HIP) line clip is the only silver feature on the reel. Combined with the line clip collar, this ensures that braids and lines are cushioned as they hit the clip and any excess shock is absorbed thanks to the spring loaded clip. The spool itself is 45mm, allowing for incredible distance casting potential, and is finished, as you might expect, in black gloss. You will recognise this incredible reel from the Korda Masterclass Volume Three DVD, where each of its fine features was showcased in high definition.


Not only is the reel itself striking, but so if the price, and Angling Direct is able to offer you an incredible discount on this staggering product. So, if you like a reel that is striking, for all the right reasons, then you can do no better than the Daiwa Tournament Basia Custom reel DCR4.

Features - Basia Reel Matt Black Body - Black Spool - Black Line Clip Collar - Silver HIP Line Clip (with holes) - Matt Back + Dark Dots Drag Knob - Black + Black Holder Bail Assembly - Twilight Basia Style Handle Assembly - Black T-shape Soft Touch Handle Knob - Black Handle Knob Cap - Black Handle Screw - Black Rear Cover Shield - Black Rear Cover

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