How To Guide - The Ultimate Natural Spod Mix

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How To Guide - The Ultimate Natural Spod Mix

Carp fishing can feel like hard work in the winter months when bites can be few and far between. One tried and trusted method in these situations is to opt for natural baits, food sources the carp would in naturally, in the wild.


Baits which offer some colour and even movement can also give you that extra edge during the winter. With all that in mind, Angling Direct decided to put together a Quickbite on the ultimate natural spod mix:




Worms and maggots are a fantastic natural bait, they offer colour and are easily identified, not only that but they can also offer your mix a bit of movement. Coupled with the soil, giving the mix a natural look, carp can confidently feed on your bait. Naturals are much less spooky than bright coloured boilies, on regularly shaped offerings.


Landing a specimen carp on a cold winters day, knowing how hard you worked for it, is always worth the wait. Give our ultimate natural spod mix a go and see if it gives you the edge in your next session.


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